April 10, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room


Present: B. Ilko, T. Philips, B. Allman, J. Marchesini, G. Boerner, T. Meissner, W. Wulfeck, B. Cronk, E. Barber, G. Elliot, J. Kane, A. Szeto, P. Honeycutt, G. Clark, P. Lichtenstein, R. Buck, R. Holmes, L. Evenson, H. Plutner, L. Peranich

Meeting convened at 7:07pm.

    1. President’s Report Ilko
      1. myprivateparkingspace.com fundraiser? – April Fool’s.
      2. “Savor SR” restaurant fundraising – if we can get one fundraiser a year this would be wonderful; B. Ilko will continue working on it to see if we can’t get something off the ground.
      3. Constant Contacts – updated about 400 files and only about 50 have left, so we are doing very well.
      4. West Sycamore – we have someone (K. Searcy) to take the seat on the Mission Trails seat who is willing to come to SRCA meetings to update the group.
      5. Ilko is keeping track of all his activities so we can list things we have done for the Membership drive; so far (since January) he is at about 600 items on the list.
      6. Ilko wants to put together the story of Bob Dingeman’s contribution to SR; looking for volunteers to help B. Cronk put this together – contact B. Ilko for details.
    2. Non-Agenda Public Comment – none
    1. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Quinton Grounds – not present
    2. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) Dustin Steiner – not present
    3. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen – AB2193 Maternal Mental Health Disorder bill – DC has allocated funding but CA doesn’t have a mechanism to receive it – this bill creates treatment before and after the birth of the child; April 21 from 9am-12pm will be the Creek to Bay Clean Up in Claremont; W. Wulfeck asked for Assembly Member’s position on SB828 and SB829 – R. Knudsen promised to get back to SRCA.
    4. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) Erin Magee – Congress back in session tomorrow; passed a budget for the remainder of FY 2018; troops got first raise in 10 years; wildfire funding is in bill $2.5B between FY2020-2025 for wildfire preparedness and will increase by $1M until 2027; Medicare will now assign random account numbers to recipients and new cards will be sent out soon; commemorated Vietnam Veterans on March 29; Congressional Art Competition for HS students – submissions due to Peters office by 4pm, April 25.
    5. San Diego Police Department Officer Christina Santos – gave crime report; addressed residential break-ins; also discussed reported confrontation with SRHS student and driver of car – SDUSD Police are handling the issue; B. Ilko relayed the City’s Community Advisory Board will be in Library on April 23 at 6pm – it would be great to have about 30-40 SR residents to show up to support the PD and Neighborhood Watch.
    6. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Elliott) DCA Ann Marie Council – CA is expanding the Family Justice Center; she offers her contact and support to the community and SRCA as a resource.
    7. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck / Abella-Shon – Wulfeck (SRPG): SB827 came up at CPC in March: it increases density near and around transit corridors by relaxing development restrictions in those areas; Density Bonus at City is being suggested to allow for 25% bonus for 10% affordable built – CPC opposed; elections for SRPG occurred – W. Wulfeck is Chair for another 2 years; SRPG voted to recommend City Council not certify the Pure Water EIR until all pipe routing alternatives are fully vetted – City Council voted unanimously to certify it today – we may get 60 additional parking spaces at Lake Miramar from it – City is in a hurry because $500M may go away if they don’t approve it; looks like we will get Library parking lot expanded. Meissner (MRNPC): composting site at the Community Center plan is still in the works – concern over who will maintain it; re-elected members in March.
    1. SRCA 50 Plus – Live Well San Diego: R. Holmes presented the resolution and described the Live Well San Diego program and becoming a partner with the County which requires the SRCA to participate in the program by sharing and learning about best practices around healthy living.

Motion to approve Resolution as presented by P. Lichtenstein, 2nd by W. Wulfeck (Motion passed: 18-0-0).

  1. Elections (Officers and Even Numbered Districts) Lichtenstein/Ilko – B. Ilko for President, B. Allman for Treasurer, T. Philips for Secretary, B. Feather for D4, E. Barber for D6, W. Wulfeck for D8, G. Clark for D10, B. Cronk for D14, J. Kane for D22.

Motion to approve the slate of candidates by P. Lichtenstein, 2nd by B. Allman (Motion passed 17-0-0; G. Clark not present).

    1. Membership (Ilko) – we currently are at 84% of our goal and about $10,000 short of budget; 850 mailing to Stonebridge and have received 4 by mail.
    2. Newsletter (Ilko) – Closed Session
    3. Schools (Marchesini) – SDUSD Election Committee is travelling around getting feedback on term limits for Trustees; closest one is at Mia Mesa HS tomorrow; Principal DeWitt described the new HS Falcon Way program.
    4. BRM (Philips) – met with one candidate last week and have two more lined up this week.
    5. Digital Communications (Marchesini) – more people are using the phones to access the NL; facebook page is still doing well – please pass along anything to B. Ilko which you think should be on the page.
    6. Financials (Allman) – membership is biggest thing going on; events are about to start which will begin to eat up the money; bank balance is highest it has ever been in 30 years and we are on target with respect to the budget; new guidelines are coming into effect by year end 2017, which govern financials for non-profits – we are following all guidelines except for monthly cash flow report and we will begin to do it now.
    7. Budget Committee (Lichtenstein) – new chair of Budget Committee is P. Lichtenstein; hasn’t had a meeting yet.
    8. 4th of July Committee (Clark) – all done with paperwork; picking up permit before event; email blast went out for drivers and convertibles; trying to push everyone to fill out entry form online – paper form is still available but it is labor intensive; scheduled to get color guard and HS band; next meeting is Thursday.
    9. Cleanup Day/Garage Sale (Barber) – this Saturday – need one volunteer to be at the Community Center from 10:30am-12pm.
    10. Recognition Night (Feather) – Recognition Night went well.
    11. 50 Plus (Holmes) – County will now want to do a Proclamation announcing our Live Well SD partnership; Jewish Family Services will have a safe car event in June; Meet and Greet planning and fundraising is going well.
    12. Long Term Planning (Peranich) – did not meet in March. Next meeting is next Wednesday.
    13. Sustainable SR (Plutner) – Mike Rassmusen will be here to discuss trees; 1st ever Sustainability Hack this Sunday.
    14. Volunteer Coordinator (Philips) – T. Philips sent out the Committee Questionnaires to all Committee Chairs and will work with R. Holmes on the compiling of them.
    15. Bylaws (Philips) – T. Philips gave an update on the process of updating the Bylaws and hopes to have a draft available for the May meeting of the SRCA.
    16. SRCA Neighborhood Watch (Shaw) – no report.
    17. Miramar Community Leaders Forum (Mildice) – no report.
    1. Newsletter – B. Ilko gave an update on the decision and deliberations of the NL Committee to possibly change printers.

Meeting adjourned at 9:18pm.