April 9, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

A. Roll Call 7:01 call to order 21 members present.
B. Modifications to the Agenda —
C. Non-Agenda Public Comment
A. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – E. Magee (Congressman guest) – Not Present
B. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) – Not Present
C. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) – Not Present
D. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Q. Grounds – Paving project moving forward on Pomerado in June/July 2019. Pending contract approval for paving project of Scripps Ranch Blvd between Mira Mesa Blvd and Affinty Court (May 2019).
E. San Diego Police Department – no notes
F. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott)
– 1 vehicle theft
– 6 vehicle break in (no forced entry)
– 1 commercial break in (Credit Union)
– 1 resident break in. Broke back window and took jewelry and other valuables.
– Non-resident knocking on doors. Most likely scouting for potential easy targets to break in and rob.
G. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC)
Wally – Attended KB homes meeting. Unanimous vote to deny KB to build homes for the following reasons:
1. Over use of property.
2. The ability to evacuate people from area in an emergency event is not feasible.
3. Expanding the road way for traffic is not applicable.

H. MCAS Leaders Forum
A. BRM: Selling SCRA to Business.
B. New Staff Editor: Larry Kuffer
C. Studio K implementation. Less expressive, more graphics, increase in ads, and more pages. Will be ready for April edition
Elected secretary: Jeff Hunter – Vote Unanimous – Yes ( 21)

Transportation options for Scripps Ranch Seniors (email sent out). SRCA 50 Plus provides to the community. It does not cover MTS/bus service, as I have found that most SR seniors want door-to-door transportation, which is generally not available by bus. Most of the services are for those 60+ and older who are able to advocate for themselves and who are ambulatory/able to enter and exit a vehicle without assistance. JFS’ “On the Go Silver”, however, does offer services for wheelchair-bound passengers. You do not have to be Jewish to use JFS’ services. Note: I have verified that all these services are available for 92131 resident; some JFS and Elder Help of San Diego services may not be available in other zip codes.
A. SDGE meeting. April/May 2019.

VII. President’s Report

1. SRCANW Report
a. Email from Wade Booth [email protected] reporting broken beer bottles
At SR Community Park by play area
b. Clean up broken beer bottles at SR Community Park
c. Email to SDPD HOT Team re homeless man behind city pump station on SLD;
Jason Coleman reporting to us
d. Facebook message from Paul Bragoli requesting help from SDPD to patrol end
Of Canyon Lake Drive for possible drug use/sales from Black Dodge 400; email
e. Attend restorative justice mediation re Jerabek Park field damage incident
f. Facebook message from Jason Coleman thanking us for homeless man no
Longer behind city pump station on SLD but he left trash behind
G. Attend City of SD Police Community Relations board mtg
h. Emails w/ Walters Mgmt. Julie Bigelow re illegal activity behind 11181
Breckenridge Drive; requesting help from council office; they made effort to
Reach out to SDPD; asked for background info
I. Emails from SRCANW Chair Cheryl Shaw requesting review of eblast re
Residential Burglary & Hot Prowl; 10900 BLOCK ELDERWOOD ROAD- MONDAY
3/25/2019 @ 11:00 AM
j. Emails w/ SRCANW Chair Cheryl Shaw re burglary on Woodcroft in MRN
k. Every board member should either host or find someone in their immediate
neighborhood to host a block party. It is an excellent opportunity to get in
front of concerned and interested residents. We get to talk about the SRCA
and how relevant we are to their lives. We hit 3100 in our NW program!
2. 50 Plus Report
a. Going to re-start senior living housing tours
3. 4the of July Parade
a. Theme is “Sound of Freedom”. We are looking for another high school band to
Compliment SRHS band. If you have anyone that would like to be in the parade
please let us know.
4. Clean Day Report
a. Clean Up Day is April 13th
. We need volunteers to help April 13
5. Recognition Night Report
a. Successful event for 150 in attendance
b. Need a new RN Chair for 2020
6. Tree Lighting Report
2. a. We need a Chairperson for the event.
7. SSR
a. No report.
8. Membership
a. Emails from membership cmte w/ email addresses and draft letters to send for
2019 membership drive
b. SRCA Membership cmte mtg
c. Post membership drive to Facebook pages
d. Draft emails to new 2018 members and 807 dropped members; schedule
Constant Contact to send
e. Resend membership emails to suspended and bounced email addresses
f. Email from Dan Olsen confirming membership check cashed and thanked him
for the membership
g. Went to ‘recent’ Vons in Miramar Ranch North. Ran into Pat Wright who
pulled out $60 cash for a membership! She got the email this morning.
h. Got a response from a resident Lois that she thanked the SR for help to
approve The Glen retirement and that she is moving in so (can’t make this up)
she will not renew our membership. What the heck? She wants to stay in SR
and we helped her do that and now that it is accomplished she doesn’t want to
renew her membership?
i. Email Membership Cmte re 2 emails results; 30 memberships in 12 hrs; 900
Emails sent
j. Email thank you to Larry Pernich for 2019 membership and for his efforts for
k. Create Be a SRCA Member in 2019 That would be great meme
l. Facebook message from Sabrina Cassidy requesting confirmation of 2019
membership as result of meme; $100 1/8/19 and responded with a thank you
m. Thank you note to Gordon Boerner for volunteering and $200 membership
n. Facebook message requesting to join SRCA on line; provided weblink
o. Facebook membership meme shared by Sean Smoogen on You Know You Are
From SR Facebook page
p. Email Thank You to Bryon Solberg for 2019 membership
q. Thank you email to Tracy Jewell for 2019 membership
9. Social media update:
a. Facebook message from Vijay sharing photo of Lake Miramar w/ thank you
“Thank you for all the amazing posts and news on this group, really
Informative and worth it.”
3. b.
c. Number of followers continues to grow every day. We are at 5391. Up 226
From February!
d. Could use some help by sending us photos, stories, issues to post on our FB
page that are SR related people, places, things and events.
e. Website
i. We appreciate the board members reviewing the website and notifying
us of any changes to be made.
f. Constant Contact
i. 12,234 emails in the database. Up 454 since 01/01/19. We added 424
and 26 from website. 53 unsubscribes.
ii. AIU property interest list has 57 emails and Renzulli interest list has 40
iii. SRCANW has 3113; 50 Plus has 1537; SSR has 1580; Digital NL has 1577;
Stonebridge has 508; and Community News has 6898
a. Still need a Chair person.
b. People are looking and booking.
11. Community Fair update
a. Stephanie Wooding is our CF Event Planner. Engaging with her now to get her
started to stay on her Preliminary Deliverable Timetable:
b. By 15 DEC 2018 – Secure Event Location, Obtain necessary permits, Milestone
Timeline for Deliverables, Begin Vendor Recruitment, Establish Overall Event
Budget / Management, Conference call with key leaders (Sponsor Chair,
President, etc) — continued monthly
c. By 29 FEB 2019 – Identify Team Leads / Delegate Specific Area Oversight, areas
of involvement for Community Organizations / Elected Officials
d. By 31 MAR 2019 – Logistics Maps of Site Due — First Draft, Identify any
logistical “blindspots” — Review with Team Lead, Establish volunteer /
organization sign up list (TBA),
e. FEB-MAY 2019 – Recruitment / Coordination of Community Organizations /
Elected Officials
f. MAY 2019 – Walkthrough of Site – TBA, Logistics Maps of Site Due — 2nd Draft,
Lists Due – All Areas
g. By 30 JUNE 2019 – Draft Event Promotions with Association Team, Marketing
Strategy, Place Preliminary Order for Rentals (tables, chairs, canopies), Place
any necessary orders // Budget Review with Association
4. h. By 31 JULY 2019 – Finalize all Vendor Partners, Marketing Strategy DUE,
volunteer list signups (TBA) — perhaps recruit at 7/4 event?, Finalize Event
Promotions with Association Team
i. By 31 AUG 2019 – Place FINAL Order for Rentals (tables, chairs, canopies) — can
change up to 2 wks prior to event, Event Promotions with Association Team –
BEGIN, Event Management (Pre-Event)
j. SEPT or OCT 2019 – Event
k. OCT or NOV 2019 – Event Management (Post-Event), Budget Finalization, ROI
Review, Ensure Invoice Payments, etc.
12. Volunteer Coordinator and Volunteers
a. No report.
13. BRM
a. Email from BRM re SDCCU interested in parade sponsorship for 2nd year;
emailed outline of benefits; email parade cmte for concurrence
b. Emails w/ BRM and NL Editor re request by Rebecca Thornhill to place ad in
the Schools section
c. Text and t/c w/ NL Ad Mgr re submission info in April NL; BRM should be listed;
asked her to send us narrative and reasons why we should include; we are
preparing a media package and it should be on our website
d. Referral to BRM re Wildbirds rumor that it is closing; just signed 5 yr lease;
struggling to tell people that he is not leaving; confusion with Unleashed
e. Email w/ BRM re new NL Editor and new look of the NL is coming out in April
to show advertisers
14. A few odds and ends to tell you about (224 emails, texts, social media posts,
meetings, phone calls since last board meeting).
a. Summary of requests from residents:
i. Email from State Atty Gen re SRCA current and in good standing; eligible
for public grants again
ii. Email from Doug Kurtz re leaning tree in MRN MAD (SRB near SCR); t/c
w/ Mike R MRN MAD
iii. Emails w/ Vivienne Kaseno [email protected] and MRN MAD
Supervisor re a request to thin trees along SRB at Miro Circle
iv. T/c from Kersey’s office Quinton Grounds re Aviary Nature Park issues
v. Mtg w/ Kersey’s rep at SRCACC
vi. Emails w/ Dave Sandsmark re possible slope erosion issue behind his
home on Claret Ct; emails w/ SR MAD Supervisor to evaluate
5. vii. Emails w/ Rick Fitch re ATT easement and work to repair broken utility
viii. Email to State Assembly re changing ADA grant from Jerabek to
Jerabek/Spring Cyn to try to fund both
ix. Mtg w/ Emma Leftkowitz re The Glen-Chabad monument signs; t/c w/
The Glen re same
x. Email from NL Editor and SSR Chair re ASI ad issues
xi. Email to Mark Kersey – Quinton G requesting 2016 city atty lttr re
xii. Emails w/ Tracy Jewel re water leak at WD-40 bldg
xiii. Emails w/ Larry Purcell [email protected] requesting tree behind his
home be evaluated by SR MAD; email to SR MAD Supervisor
xiv. T/c to Bill Feather re 2 alarm fire on Erma Road; Bill posted info to
xv. Post MMS Bus Cmte mtg on Facebook
xvi. Facebook message re SDPD / SDFD responding to medical call on
xviii. Facebook message requesting we post $500 reward for finding mom’s
wedding ring (50 years). Lost it in January. Christina Ficano
xix. Facebook message requesting copy of March NL for her daughter’s scrap
book; Irish dancer at MRE; Diane Hunter
xx. Facebook post by Jeni Noerenberg Bartley sharing morning mist photo
on our page
xxi. T/c’s and mtg w/ The Glen re proposed monument signs to add tree
logo; T/c w/ Emma Leftkowitz re same
xxii. Facebook message from Mitra de Cógáin asking about repairing broken
stands at Spring Cyn Park
xxiii. Share SR Softball Association Movie Night on our Facebook page
xxiv. Email from Kersey office Quinton Grounds re may not be a city atty lttr
re SRCACC landscape issues; email to Gordon Boerner re same; Quinton
to do more research
6. xxv. Emails w/ Shannon Hulley requesting street light repair and down tree
behind her home; claims fire risk however SR MAD does not do brush
management; gid Report Number: 02541590
xxvi. Facebook message from SRLL – Mary Corbett requesting to post Island’s
fundraiser on our Faceook page
xxvii. Email to Kersey – Quinton Grounds re Hulley GiD street light on Eastglen
for an ETA on repair
xxviii. T/c and email to Kersey – Quinton Grounds requesting water dpt
evaluate fencing perimeter of reclaimed water tank for a large dog park?
xxix. Email to Edith Smith re city rptg street light on Porcelina is fixed from
January request
xxx. Emails w/ Karen L the property owner of former Ballast Point SR location
re emails from Ron Currie asking about CUP and removal of angled
parking; Ron Currie agreed to parking plan in 2018
xxxi. Post IA-Monarch Development update re condo tentative map waiver
instead of apartments
xxxii. Emails w/ Ty Konold re possible Eagle Scout projects; wants to mee to
xxxiii. Facebook message Wes Barnes asking him to re-install Trail 17 sign
xxxiv. Facebook message from Menoula Stanitsas requesting we promote her
daughter’s book on postpardom
xxxv. Facebook message from Mary Holladay complaining water fountain has
bird poop in it; wants landscape cntr to keep it cleaner; email to SR MAD
Supervisor re same
xxxvi. Facebook message sending us sunset photo by Nhung Nguyen
xxxvii. Post help needed on Facebook to re-install trail 17 sign; need post hole
xxxviii. Facebook message from Lisa Scanlon requesting we post UT article by
Gloria Tran about Col D to be posted on our Facebook page
xxxix. Email nhulak for letting us know she moved out of SR; wished her the
xl. Email from Brett Kilka [email protected] requesting to put in
health article in NL for free exposure
xli. Facebook message asking for help to replace doggie bags at SR
Community Park; email to Sarah E – Park Area Mgr; Email from Sarah E
Park Area Mgr re doogie poop bags in SR Community Park; Facebook
message resident re same
7. xlii. Facebook message to Juneshine President of Sales Laura Sabourin
Slayter requesting face to face introduction
xliii. Request from SRHS Foundation Ann Marie Gallagher to post Taste of the
Ranch fundraiser on our Facebook page
xliv. Email to Bd Chair re using [email protected] email; not a private
gmail address
xlv. Facebook message from Kim Treffinger concerned about ‘brush clearing’
and pupping season? Need to know where she is concerned about
xlvi. Facebook messages and emails w/ Tom Leighty re down tree damage to
fence; email SR MAD Supervisor
xlvii. Emails w/ RB Town Council President Robin Kaufman re membership,
501c4, insurance questions
xlviii. Email from Adria Shaw [email protected] reporting to
[email protected] that 2 signals out on Spring Canyon Road;
called city to repair
xlix. Facebook message to Tiffany Vinson asking if she help us with 2 city
grant proposals?
l. Facebook message from Aisha Zeeshan asking if her kids’ basketballs
from their backyard end up in a magical SR lost and found
li. Emails w/ Kristy Slater – [email protected] re emergency
evacuations due to new development; water issues due to new
development; added her to emails for KB Homes and Renzulli
lii. Post question to residents on Facebook re new look of NL and asked for
feedback; 30+ comments forwarded to NL Editor to review
liii. Email from Maryanne Nicosia re sprinklers on SCR/SRB; email to MRN
MAD Supervisor
liv. Email from Vachras Angkachatchai [email protected] requesting
to get emails re Renzulli development
lv. Email to SDGE re utilitydive.com article about all solar, net zero energy
project in SR?
lvi. Emails w/ Jennifer VanderVeer [email protected] asking if too
late to object to Monarch apartments and how apartments can be built
on school district property
lvii. Emails w/ [email protected] re unofficial dog park reclaimed water
tank grass is dying again; she emailed us 6/18 about this last year; asked
her to send us photos to get city to fix it
8. lviii. Email from Brianna requesting posting GS help w/ blood drive 3/29/19;
posted to Facebook
lix. Emails w/ Jenni Krebs asking about 2019 Community Fair
lx. Facebook message from Nina Iturrizaga requesting help to get her son in
law a SDFD ride along; leaving the Marine Corps
lxi. Email MMS Bus Cmte re congratulations on new/returning board
members Chair: Dane Fetherling; Vice Chair: Sahil Moorjani; Secretary:
Pauline Perry; Members and Large: Vimla Jain, Gail Faber, Caryn Soto
and Cecily Walbridge.
lxii. Facebook message from Luke Vinci requesting update as to repaving
Pomerado Road
lxiii. Emails w/ Mary Beth Vogt [email protected] requesting when
SR Blvd might be repaved; confused as to why it wasn’t done when it
was repaved earlier – b/c the city only slurry coated
lxiv. Emails w/ [email protected] reporting ‘giant pothole’ on Semillon
near SCR; need a photo
lxv. Emails w/ Marv Miles requesting church sites in SR for Lynette Williams
lxvi. Emails w/ SRHS officer Sato Bradley <[email protected]> requesting the
city build a pedestrian bridge at SRHS to SR Court; told him to get SDUSD
bond measure and/or Congressman Scott Peters to pay for it
lxvii. Email from [email protected] asking about Pomerado/Ave
Mag signal flashing red; city work on Ave Mag
lxviii. Facebook message from Amir re Fazen moved to South Carolina and
need contact info for ATT wireless
lxix. Facebook message from Byron Solberg to post photo of Scripps Ranch
Troop 301 with our annual spring “Trash Pick-up at Jerabek Park.”