Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

August 12, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Barber, E. Burciaga, Cronk, McGinn

Absent Unexcused: Braunstein, Suzara

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:04 pm.

Fire Safe Council and SRCA putting on Fire Preparedness Forum August 23rd 9 am to 3:00 pm at Marshall Middle School. SRCA promoting event on behalf of Fire Safe Council . Info on insurance, ire preparedness, contractors, City, County, State and Federal agencies and emergency communications.

Jerry Mitchell moving to Oceanside and will be looking for someone to take over the reins of the Fire Safe Council.

Scott Peters office represented by Kristen from Democratic Party about running for re-election against Carl DeMaio. Speaking on behalf of voting for Scott Peters. Encourage folks to get involve with the campaign.

Sean Houghson of Troop 664 working on Eagle Merit Badge in Leadership in the Community.

SDPD – Shannah Oliveras introduced Dawn Summers our new Northeast Captain. She has been acting Captain for 2 ½ months and now made it permanent. Working with other Captains fire planning group get equipment staged during high fire season. One loaned police officer returner and getting one new officer assigned in Northeast. Our evacuation plan is now with City of San Diego traffic department for review. A copy will be given to the Captain for her review. Neighborhood Watch up to about 2,500 e-mails for communication. Car prowls still a problem – lock cars, don’t keep things inside car. Watch keeping windows open at night when you go to sleep.

Northeast also has two new leutinents, Scott Bender has area South of Mercy Road and Jeff Peterson north of Mercy Rd. Lights out was last week celebrating Neighborhood Watch. If group plans on having party next year, need to put in your request early if you want officer to come by. Helicopter over area two nights ago around 9-10 pm at night was because a female resident came home and lights on upstairs and thought she heard noise. After investigation cleared house and helicopter up in area, the resident found out her husband had left lights on. No crime.

July 3 burglaries of which two forced entries. Car prowls up throughout City but especially near lake and condos. Sex offenders here in area bring about questions, brought some information for folks to read.

Oversized vehicles August 1st passed cannot park on street. Not doing enforcement, only warnings until September 1st when citations will be made. There is a permit process.

Graffiti growing throughout City. When on public property 619-525-8522 to report and on private 800-829-6684. No fee call to have it removed but need details of exactly where it is. You can take a picture and send to police as they may be able to identify tagger. 858-538-8028 Shannah’s office call.

Luke Bosworth attending from Troop 301 as working on Citizenship Merit Badge.

Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Roberts – Evan Bollinger reported: Brush management 5 elected officials (Maienschein, Peters, Mayor, Kersey, Roberts) all working together touring area and seeing what they can do about brush management. There have been two cases with birds and one human of West Nile. Fight the bite go to County’s website and find out all information you need know about standing water, Only need 1″ standing water for this to take place.

The following grants have been approved: Community Enhancement $10,000 Miramar Ranch North 20th Anniversary 5K run. $4000 to SR Library and $5,000 for Scripps/Mesa Fireworks.

State Assembly 77th District – Andrew Erickson works in Maienschein’s office and introduced Brandon Mitchell an intern who attends to Mt. Carmel High School and will be a Senior this fall . Brandon lives in Stonebridge and will continue as intern in fall. . Assembly finished summer recess in July. Brian worked on getting 6 pieces of legislature passed and signed by Governor. He has 12 more legislation that will be coming forward.

Bill 1791 deals with human trafficking – big problem in California. Existing law is if caught of human trafficking minor or adult sentenced 6 months in jail. Bill is to separate adults from youth and make the penalty heavier for adults.

Assembly Bill 2631 protect children and elderly with in state license for day care or assisted living care for seniors. Dept. of Social Services . Rob Knudsen also attended and said the intern program with Scripps Ranch students has been very productive.

Mayor’s Office John Ly at [email protected] . Handles Council Districts 5 working with Tiffany and also District 6.

Easier to enforce business signage rather than garage sale signs. Included 3 police officers in budget to enforce the new large vehicle ordinance. Vehicle must be 27 ft. in length and 7 ft. in height and also includes non-motorized vehicles such as boats, trailers etc.

Convention Center judge overruled hotel tax saying not legal. Move forward with this would require putting on ballot. Unfortunately none of the judges agreed with the City. Currently evaluating various options that are be presented by various groups. Still collecting information.

Water under mandatory water restrictions. Restaurants don’t give water unless patron asks, do not water after 10 am or before 6 pm. Hotels give option not having their towels and sheets washed daily. 619-533-5271 number to report water violations. The complaint goes to Water Dept. $50 1st time citation, then $100 and $150.

Third scout Keven Salazar of Troop 301 also attending as working on Citizenship Merit Badge.

4th of July – report on behalf of Ernie Burciaga Cathy Burciaga

Ernie wanted to extend thanks to everyone on the 4th of July Committee. We had more dignitaries attend this year and the number of parade entries was up. Also more neighborhood participation and activities in park well used. Photos are on website. Parade costs were higher than anticipated – third permit now required from Health Department. City wants applications submitted earlier next year. Company we have used for porta potty’s for several years was sold and new company would not honor contract. Old Pros found another vendor but costs were higher. Fifteen No Park signs were missing when picked up by Company. Old Pros and SRCA are sharing cost. Suggestion next year to get more participation by residents with floats etc.

MRNPC 20th Anniversary – Ilko reported the Committee is up and running with event to be held December 6th starting at 8:00 am. Will be closing half of Spring Canyon Road from Fire Station and go east and then go west down to Innovations Academy. Mazelli is doing graphics for event as a sponsor. May do shuttle (cost $500) from Innovations and back to Fire Station. Pursuing McMillin for $5,000 grant. Each entry $30 for open and $25 for SR residents & military and $15 teens, under 11 free. Need volunteers day of event. North Brookfield where parking will be available. This will be the fastest downhill race. There will be on line registration.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:

Aging Successfully Lecture – next one September 3rd from 10-11:30 am at the SR Library and subject “A Morning of Language and Laughter with Richard Lederer”.

Residents can now register with ElderHelp Concierge Club. Just call or email ElderHelp at [email protected] to start the process.

Chair exercise class now moved to SR Library on Tuesdays from 11 am till noon.

PAWS Club still meets 1st Saturday of month at 4 pm at Lake View Park.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported the month of August was quiet. They will not be have a lecture in September due to school starting. Working on schedule for next year and working on water issues. Will be having Water Conservation Department come out.

Membership – Meissner reported: As of end funding is up to $55,750, Expenses went down. Mail and e-mail campaign brought membership back up this year. Committee beginning discussion of plan for next year’s campaign. Going after groups we did target this year and the business community.

ARCA Fundraiser – August 27th new Rita’s Ice in Ranch Penasquitos on Black Mtn Road from 4-9 pm. Twenty percent of monies will go to SRCA – tell your friends.

Financials – Membership above budget level. Friends Library and SR Theatre donations. Few bills have come in for 4th of July event.

Community Fair has one outstanding check and gave $1000 to Recreation Center half of profit up to $1,000.

June newsletter cost us a lot because of all the pictures and articles (8 pages) for Recognition Night. We lost $2,000 that edition and ads were low. Try want to take this into consideration next year and put more of the written information on the Website and therefore reducing the number of pages on this event. Community Center still doing really well with additional renters and minimal maintenance. Forecasting $7,000 profit . In the future will be looking at getting a new custodian with increased cost. Future will need to look at having top of building painted and replacing some chairs.

MRNPC – Burley reported: On August 5th the group heard presentation from SD County Water Authority update on Nob Hill improvements and Miramar Pump Station Rehabilitation Project. The pump station project is located at the corner Scripps Lake drive and Red Cedar Drive with construction to begin in mid 2015. Behind the Nob Hill in open space they are adding additional pipeline. Final EIR certified. In design and begin construction end 2015 and finish 2017. Construction via tunneling.

Med Impact – has all permits and now out seeking bids to construct second building and parking structure. The Watermark Project for commercial and retail still do not have an accurate timeframe for that to begin.

Sycamore to Penasquistos 230v project in CEQA in scoping period by SDG&E. All comments must be submitted by September. Looking to replace wooden two pole structures with steel tower. There will be three public meetings Doubletree Golf Resort on August 25th in evening, August 26th in afternoon and August 27th in evening. Miramar Ranch North MAD and some committee members spent hours viewing parks and spending time with new manager Mike Rassuman. Need irrigation plan and to stop watering sidewalks and roadways. Looking to use of mulch and composting techniques and more waterwise plants.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported: City Council voted to support local planning groups and giving $500 each year to offset expenses they incur. Both planning groups submitted budgets include website services. Current both groups put in $30 a month to SRCA for website. Walk thru with City Fire Marshall on August 20th and forum on 23rd. SD received a grant from Feds for Urban Forest and tree people looking to plant trees in City. Miramar Ranch Elementary sign was approved and contract awarded. Long lead item and hopefully to be installed late August or early September. Planning Commission approved a new AT& antenna in Stonebridge near water tower, planning group voted to oppose. Neighbors have filed an appeal to the City. Another cell tower by Verizon relocated at Chabad Center on Pomerado and planning group decided to take no position because conflict of information from Chabad and Verizon. CLC gave update on retirement care center south of Chabad. They have opened sales office by National University Center on Carroll Canyon Road and have a scale model. Intend to move forward and draft EIR still not out. Construction probably 2 years out.

Jerome’s Furniture planning on putting up new signs on sides of building. Approved by Planning Group. They have been good at keeping group informed of signage and facelift on building façade. Carroll Commercial Center – no changes this month. Waiting for final EIR. Some hint through grapevine that maybe Sudberry has some alternative plans they would like to discuss with Planning Group. May be meeting with theme in next few weeks plans and see what alternative plans they might have.

Digital Communications – Barnes reported: She and Drummond have been working on sharing depository for files and for Committees. Structure organized by top (there was a handout). There will be limited access to Chairpersons or someone they designate to view. Instructions will be distributed on how to download, share information, etc. Information that is to go on website should go to Greg Minter and copy Natalie. Items can be on homepage, community news, events and calendar. Short URL also being looked at as allows shorter way to get to different sites. Allow a couple days to get posted to get new request posted on website.

E-mail check list is in constant contact and it does a lot of different things. Photos 72 dpi 300 dots per inch . They can convert pictures as required. Indicate what lists you want to target – ie Neighborhood Watch, 50+ etc.

Event portion of Constant Contact can be used to publize events and use for fundraising, etc . Can also perform surveys and polls.

Past couple of months Committee has met and doing planning. Photo contest running through Facebook and open to all SR residents and invited through e-mail. Must enter through Facebook – looking at getting more recognition of SRCA Facebook and involvement. Also trying to promote Twitter. Update made to Recognition Form and open all year for submittals. Photos created a slide show feature for 4th of July. End of event all photos on one drive and send them the link. Space limit 15G.

Long Term Planning – Paterniti has 7 prospective members. Passed out May 2014 dashboard. Brainstorm and develop new programs or activities. Have a lot of TBA’s. Submitted description of committees to EC .

Motion to adjourn by Paterniti and seconded by Drummond.

Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary