Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
August 11, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: Allman, Barnes, Drummond,

Absent Unexcused: Hern, Honeycutt, Strouse-Takim, Suzara

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

5th Council District – Alex Vivona reported:

Next year looking at repaving 300 miles of streets out of 1000 miles that need repair in the City.

Mark Kersey also funded AED units for every patrol car in Northeast division.

SDPD – Officers Vito Messsineo and Sam Gardner attended in place of Shannah Oliveras this month. Stats for July: 8 car break-ins, 3 stolen vehicles, 3 commercial burglaries and 3 residential burglaries. One indecent exposure by Von’s in Scripps Poway Parkway. Received two new speed trailers. Residents can send Shannah locations where would like to see them set up. Can’t be on a hill, blind curve or bike lane. Day at the Lake event July 25th wanted to thank SRCA for refreshments. Increased training. Supervisor has 5 adopted children. Stricter punishment for civilians flying drone in fire areas and interferring

Supervisor Roberts: Evan Bollinger reported: Increased number of PERT teams (Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams) This pairs a licensed menetal health clinician with a Sheriff’s deputy or police officer. There were 23 teams and now there will be 33.

There will now be more funding for juveniles suffering from Post-Traumatic Street & Substance Abuse disorders. Treatment and rehabilitation of juveniles is a top priority.

Punishments for civilians flying drone near wild fires by supporting state and federal legislation that would establish penalties for operators of unmanned aircraft that interfere with firefighting efforts.

SD County’s Environmental Health Department will conduct its 6th aerial drop of larvicide of the year on wetlands around the county Wednesday to help keep mosquito populations down and West Nile virus at bay.

Congressman Peters: Brian Elliot is new representative and reported:

Hosting with Susan Davis an arts workshop –National Endownment of Arts. August 13th at Goggle Event about promoting business on line. Hosted at Liberty Station. Supervisor also working on issues related to drones in fire areas.

Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council – Karen reported: A Wildfire Expo in conjunction with SRCA is being held September 26th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Marshall Middle School. Have been asked to open to entire County. Invitations going out to a lot of folks. Attending will be Asst. Fire Chief, Cal Fire, Dave Roberts, Mark Kersey, and Brian Mainschein. Vendors who help with fire protection will be there to answer questions etc. Golf Tournament will be September 10th

The Glenn – Proposal from CLC was made by Rick Aschenbrenner Ilko reported that approximately 15 years ago a developer did not follow through on senior housing they said they would build. They then planned other housing and SOSR group in SR got 3,400 signatures and went to City Council against the project they planned. The project did not go forward.

The Glenn has been working for about 5 years and submitted EIR and SRCA has submitted their comments. The final draft should be coming out soon with all comments incorporated. SRCA has opportunity to follow lead of Plannning Group with a vote in support or not. Rick Aschenbrenner of CLC continuing care community stated it is different from what many may have seen before. Developer will build and be owner operator. Partners have been together 25 years and have finished 4 projects. Have an agreement with Aliant. Met with folks in community to see if there was a need in the community for this type of project. Showed a video of existing facilities. Continuing care and full service. Not rentals or condos. Gave explanation of different types of care. Full service and includes long term care. First buildings will be set back 650 ft. from Pomerado Road and be next Chabad and share the same entrance road.

Significant grading will be required. Will have duplex villas with garages which are one story, as well as Garden Terraces 8 plex units 2-3 bedrooms. All age restricted and not more than 2 people live in them. Central part of complex they have apartment type unit buildings. There is a natural glen there now. Highest building is lower than Chabad parking lot due to being in a glen. Package of services includes one meal a day, housekeeping, windows cleaned once year, indoor pool, fitness center with trainers, and over 250 activities. Residents have many committees. There is also a free continental breakfast. It is a gated community with Security personnel. Pets are welcome. Have transportation available, vans etc. for those that need it. Residents don’t own any personal property but pay an entrance fee payment that goes into trust and secured against property. Mostly repayable. Repayable amount depends on time there but never goes below 75% of recovered entrance fee. 20-30% of fees paid can be deductible as medical fee. Independent living, assisted living, nursing care and memory care. 54 acres site with 43 acres having some type of landscaping. October 8th Planning Group Vote, Planning Commission scheduled October and City Council in November 2015. Installing solar at least on carports. AIU if built out they have allocation of 5,300 trips per day and CLC is conservative at 1,800. Developer will be required to make a contribution of $2.5M into the FBA in older Scripps Ranch. Could be used towards future fire station, addition to library parking load, park fields at SR HS etc. How many employees probably around 160-180 over three shifts. Most come close by and jobs will be available for local high school and college kids in dining room. Being built to a higher fire code and thus beefier. Full sprinkler. Can be used as a shelter for residents in SR in case of emergency. Shelter in place.

50 Plus – Holmes reported: September 17th tour of the facility in La Costa. RSVP give 10 am give you an opportunity to see different facilities.

Budget – Staley reported:

The committee approved $550 for funding the 2015 Miss SR and Miss Teen scholarships. Mira Mesa and Penasquitos also providing equal funding. The scholarships will be presented at the end of titleholder’s reign during the 2016 pageant. $350 for Miss SR and $200 for Miss Teen SR.

Also approved $250 for an Eagle Scout project from Boy Scout Troop 616 to build 3 benches for SRHS. Plaques will be put on the benches indicating: Donated by SRCA and Boy Scout Troop 616.

West Sycamore at Mission Trail Regional Park – Plutner reported for Barbara Perkins our new representative. Plutner reported already scheduled hikes led by Ranger started July 26th. There will be two full time staff. Have temporary trailer now and later will upgrade. About 1 mile hike and explain things along the trail. Scheduled for every third Sunday.

Sustainable SR – Plutner indicated have new updated webpage. Easier to find things. SDGE donated another $250.

Greg Elliott was introduced and interested in becoming District Representative for Whispering Ridge. Moved back from Carlsbad and been here about a year. Teaches at Community College and wants to get more involved in community

MRNPC – Lorayne Burleyreported: Met August 4th and addressed conditional use permit wireless antenna at fire station. Verizon was proposing a 35 ft. mono-pine tree supporting antennas and an above ground equipment enclosure. Verizon will revise and put in tower. Looking for locations for picnic tables at Butterfly Park.

Membership – McGinn reported: To date have exceeded our net revenue goal at $52,000 did at expense ration of 10%.

Did not do data base upgrade this year but will next year.

Digital Communication s- Ilko reported working on website upgrade.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported: SD Public Utilities provided info on water and sewer and bills will go up . Presentation from CLC and Randy Coopersville engineering firm. Folks opposing the Glen will come to September meeting and give their objections. Waiting for final EIR and then Planning Group will take a vote that will go to City Planning Group. No further report on Sudberry for residential housing at Carroll Canyon and Hwy 15. Still working on EIR. Approved revised Bylaws for Stonebridge area to be part of SRPG. Now goes to Planning Commission and City Council. Have received a lot of requests for traffic calming and parking issues. Ad hoc meeting with Ilko chairing to look at these issues. Go to Planning Group if you have traffic or speeding issues. Approved a proposal for improvement to stage area and some landscaping. Proposal was made to add a batting cage Jerabek park and approved. Marine Provost Marshall for those that trespass in east Miramar which abuts to Mission Trails. Instead of giving a federal ticket they will now arrest (put in cuffs) and keep in custody for a few hours and confiscate bicycle or ATV if they were used. Ad hoc committee on Technology Park meeting on library parking expansion. Met head of library, Asst. Director of Public Works on board of conceptual idea of expanding to southwest side of library. Sr. Transportation Engineer for City of San Diego indicated no real traffic issues with additional entrance/exits to Library along Scripps Lake Drive. To fill in the culvert west of library cost would be $1.5 to $2M. City Councilwoman Marti Emerald coming to September meeting to discuss future fire stations outlined in City report. Plan is to do an annex of existing fire station at Avenida Magnifica and Pomerado and been on unfunded list for a long time. Would provide improved response time and but not a full station and would have a Brush truck and ambulance.

Motion by Ilko and seconded by Engler was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary