August 9, 2016

Excused Absence: Claude Braunstein

Unexcused Absence: Alex Szeto


A. Opening Remarks & Public Comments Ilko

· Col. Dingeman took a trip to China and got the service pins made, then distributed SRCA pens to board members

· Found budget from 1990, SRCA newsletter from 1990, SRCA fundraising brochure for the future of the library, a brochure on the history of the history of Scripps Ranch, and a Valley Views newsletter from 2016 that is formatted similar to SRCA

· A resident contacted Bob Ilko to discuss and issue, but did not want to speak at the Planning Group or at SRCA, but wanted to be in the newsletter

· Ideas under development: “Fitness Week Challenge” for the fall, lemonade stand competition at Hoyt Park for next summer

· School is back in session, please drive slowly


A. 5th Council District (Councilman Kersey) Alex Vivona

· Not present, provided report SRCA: Sign for Scripps Ranch High School / Falcon Way sign will hopefully be up the first few weeks of school

B. County of San Diego (Supervisor Roberts) Evan Bollinger

· Prescription Drug problems is the fastest growing problem in the nation

· Sup. Roberts is the rep on the San Diego Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force

· County passed a resolution in support of SB 23, increasing penalties for traffickers of fentanyl

· San Diego Botanic Gardens – all active duty + 5 family members of the family free through Sept 5

· County Supervisor does “Facetime” hours where he is in the community meeting with any residents with issues, contact Evan for details

C. State Assembly 77th Dist. (Assemblyman Maienschein) Rob Knudsen

· Not present

D. Congress 52nd District (Congressman Peters) Rob Filpot

· After 3 years, HUD is considering 4 new options to change formula for homelessness funding. Currently distributed by height/age of buildings. City has 3rd largest homeless population in the nation, one of the largest homeless veteran population.

· Helped pass bi-partisan bills: simplifies FAFSA, requires colleges to be more transparent about full cost of attendance

· Please call our office about any federal issue

· Office just hit $2M mark of money retrieved from the federal government that was owed to constituents

E. SDPD Officer Shannah Oliveras

· Numbers are lower than they have been:

§ 7 car break-ins

§ 3 stolen vehicles (2 cars, 1 motorcycle)

§ 1 recovered stolen vehicle

§ 1 commercial burglary

§ 3 residential burglaries

· There is a prescription drug drop-off box in the SDPD Northeastern Division lobby, along with a new box for needles

· Northeastern Division offers ride-alongs: contact Shannah to set it up

· Citizen Request Form: the best way to get something resolved is to go online and fill out the citizen request form, forms are also available at MM Storefront or Northeastern Division

· Last, if you have a little social gathering you would like a police officer to attend, please let Shannah know

Public Comment

· Lorayne Burley (Voice of Scripps Ranch): There are yard signs available. Visit voiceofscrippsranch.com for more information

· Ilko: Jerry from SRHS put together a video for the 4th of July, and has agreed to be videographer for the SRCA. He will be working on videos with the SRCA for membership and Neighborhood Watch. Also, August 13 at 7:15pm at the Rec Center, SRCA is hosting movie night of “Inside Out”


A. District Representatives Drummond

· Gave overview of requirements to be a district rep

· Potential new District Rep: John Borja – first time to SRCA, will be back next month

B. SRCA Events McGinn / Petrucci

· Friday, August 26 at 5:30-8:30: Club M at the Fairmont Grant Resort Hotel

§ Free to get in, a spot on the patio can be reserved

· “Meet Your SRCA Rep” is another idea for a social event

· The board discussed interest in doing regular socials for the board / team building


A. Membership McGinn

· Net revenue goal at 107%

· Hit budgeted goal in April

· Only $1800 from stretch goal

· 97% of member goal (1,209 paid members); membership has ranged from 575 to 2,300

· Email will be sent out at the end of August with the year’s campaign results

· Membership Committee is always looking for people to join

B. Digital Communications Fregoso

· Emails go to the Board monthly; if you don’t get the emails, contact Luis to be added

· Starting to get a 50% open rate (was in low 40%s in June)

· Half of open rates are on apple devices

· Any feedback is appreciated

C. Financials Allman

· Still collecting costs/waiting or bills related to the 4th of July and the Community Fair

· July/August is the time of year when we provide annual contributions to other orgs. Last week of August: schools will get their donations, which are the last large expenditures this fiscal year

· Newsletter is a breakeven over the last 11 months. Rates go up in October; the major advertisers will receive a letter this month notifying of rate change (less than 5% rate increase)

· Newsletter Committee will be taking a look at rates and advertising trends when putting together the next budget

· Community Center: air conditioning vents were cleaned out, tiles and carpets were cleaned (vendor only charged us for tile and vent cleaning)

D. 50 Plus Holmes

· Announcements are in the newsletter

· Also working with Alzheimer’s Association to set up 9-12 month program

· Looking for volunteers

· OASIS puts on classes in Mission Valley, but they need a new space; there may be an opportunity to work with them on a regular program in Scripps Ranch

E. Long Term Planning Peranich

· Did not meet last month

· Sub-committee on Business Relationship Management met

§ Committee formed 3 sub-subcommittees to look into:

· kind of packages we can offer to advertisers

· Compensation

· Job description

§ Will meet again next Wednesday

F. Community Fair McGinn

· The Committee needs a Chair or Co-Chair for next year

G. Schools Barber

· Nothing from this month.

· October 15 is the next cleanup day; volunteers are needed

H. Sustainable SR Plutner

· Sunday 14th 5pm: Evening Walk at Staging Area

· August 26th: Star Party at Staging Area

· May be moving program to the Library and changing time to attract more attendees

· Need volunteers the morning of September 24 for event with the Fire Safe Council

· City has opened the first water-fill station on Meanley Drive

I. Planning Groups Wulfeck / Burley

· Burley:

§ Michelle Abella-Shon is the new Chair.

§ There was no August meeting. Next meeting is Sept 6

· Wulfeck:

§ Watermark Project: MedImpact is back on for their second building, there may be site cleanup/fencing going on in the next few months. Shopping center and the 2nd building are in design stage. Shopping center will open about 9 months after the MedImpact building leasing is sufficient.

§ Carroll Canyon project goes to Planning Commission later this year, then potentially Council in early 2017.

§ SANDAG 40-year half-cent tax increase on the ballot in November; measure includes zero projects in Scripps Ranch

§ Citizens Plan is on the November ballot; will need 2/3 majority vote. Increase in TOT.

§ Chargers’ Plan is also on November ballot

§ Met in July on the library parking lot; Public Works is now involved, but they have increased the estimated cost to $4.7m

§ Pure Water at Miramar Reservoir: there was an article in the UT last Sunday. Public Scoping meeting 8/23 and presentation at 9/1 SRPG meeting.

§ Fire Bond not on the November ballot


· Claude had surgery, please send cards/emails wishing him well