August 14, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

Present: B. Ilko, T. Philips, E. Barber, L. Peranich, H. Plutner, L. Evanson, R. Holmes, R. Buck, B. Feather, P. Lichtenstein, D. Engler, J. Kane, T. Meissner, W. Wulfeck, A. Szeto

Convene: 7:02pm

  2. President’s Report (Ilko) – has met with 50+, SSR, and needs to meet with Budget Committee by Friday; Eagle Scout needs $250 for a project this weekend; 4th of July was a success; Miramar Fire is happening and B. Feather and Newsletter Editor tipped us off and we have someone assisting us with real time updates; 4,666 FB followers; SRLL and Pazzo’s are happy for promotion of World Series games; 11,000 in contacts; parking lot lights were fixed at Community Center; Q. Grounds and Parks Dept. are using North office in the CC making about $1,800 this year on the center; SDG&E is reimbursing SRCA for traffic detour signage for the Pomerado Road closures; over 25 block parties for Neighborhood Watch’s National Night Out – we need more people to attend these each year; finalized Newsletter changes and we have 2 new vendors (Advantage Printing and Studio K); new graffiti tagger and we are addressing their graffiti within an hour or so; 95% towards our Membership budget goal; old Pros borrowed our speaker system; need someone to help with drafting letter to ask SR businesses to sponsor or support the SRCA…want to send out 300+ letters which we have the budget for; prepared eblast and fb post seeking new Treasurer and hopes to get it out by 8/15/18.
  3. BRM Update (Matt Wohlfarth) – T. Philips introduced M. Wohlfarth as the newly hired BRM. The BRM introduced himself to the Board and gave a brief update on his actions over the last month.
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment – G. Bandt asked how one gets appointed to the SRCA Board. T. Philips and W. Wulfeck answered her questions about the SRCA Board and Map and Districts.
  2. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey – no report.
  3. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) – no report.
  4. CA State Assembly Assemblyman Maienschein (Rob Knudsen) – three fires in San Pasqual Valley…no loss; AB1893 has been signed by Governor and approved; always looking for interns, please forward any interested students to their office.
  5. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – Congressman Peters introduced himself; economies that drive SD: tourism, military, trade, and science and research; large scale projects going on in all four areas; Congressman Peters sits on Veterans Affairs Committee and Armed Services Committee; contact his District office in SD if you need assistance with the federal government.
  6. San Diego Police Department (Officer Christina Santos) – introduced Lieutenant Ray Ballantine; 1 stolen vehicle, 7 car break-ins, 1 shoplifting incident, and 1 burglary and 1 attempted burglary. First Tuesday of August is the National night out put on by the PD from 5-7pm.
  7. San Diego City Attorney Elliott (DCA Ann Marie Council) – we still have shelter beds available but we are all working closely together to make sure the issues facing the homeless are being addressed appropriately; SMART program begun in Dec 2016 with 10 beds and have 3 people in permanent housing; received $3M grant and now have 20 beds; 84 person hotel will be up and running next year for homeless; dockless bikes and scooters are coming and city will be citing and impounding them if they are not docked in appropriate places; use the Get It Done app.
  8. Planning Groups (W. Wulfeck) – SDG&E thinks they are done with Pomerado Rd. and SRPG is working to see if they can get that readdressed by SDG&E and City; the Phair company has withdrawn from Renzulli purchase; MTS letter was supported; Cory Binns from CalTrans gave update on traffic in region; nothing new with Alliant; Pure Water project is looking to utilize parking area at Lake Miramar to assemble pipe – it will preclude boat launching and will be a large impact on parking.



  1. Bylaws Revision – W. Wulfeck motioned to approve the Bylaws as presented to the SRCA Board on 8/13/18, 2nd by P. Lichtenstein. (Motion passes 11-0-0).
  1. MTS Support Letter – there is a SR resident trying to get MTS service into SR (Miramar North) for her disabled child; she has petitioned Miramar North Planning Group and SRPG and is seeking support from SRCA for letter to MTS. No letter was provided to SRCA prior to meeting.
  1. Wulfeck motioned to authorize the President of the SRCA to take the appropriate actions in support of the effort to petition MTS to bring bus service to SR for eligible disabled and elderly riders, 2nd by T. Meissner. (Motions passes 11-2-0).
  1. Motion to Amend the Agenda to include Agenda items to appoint At Large Members and members of the Operations Oversight Advisory Group and the Budget Advisory Group. 2nd by W. Wulfeck. (Motion passes 10-1-0).
  1. Motion by W. Wulfeck to appoint Helen Plutner, Rob Holmes, and Gordon Boerner to At Large Member seats. 2nd by D. Engler. (12-0-0).
  1. Motion by T. Meissner to put on Agenda for next month to appoint members to the Operations Oversight Advisory Group and the Budget Advisory Group and that T. Philips will send out an email to SRCA Board members asking for interest in serving on the two groups. 2nd Lichtenstein. (13-0-0).
  1. Motion by W. Wulfeck to put on Agenda for next month the election of a Chair and that T. Philips will send out an email to SRCA Board members asking for interest in serving in the position. 2nd Lichtenstein. (13-0-0).
  2. Membership – no report.
  3. Newsletter – no report.
  4. Schools – E. Barber will look for another volunteer for essay scholarship evaluations.
  5. Digital Communications – nyo report.
  6. Cleanup Day – E. Barber will be looking for volunteers in October for next Clean Up Day.
  7. Tree Lighting Event — E. Barber reported she got the light for the tree.
  8. Recognition Night – date is set for April 1, 2019.
  9. Financials / Balance Sheet – no report.
  10. Budget Committee – no report.
  11. 50 Plus – no report.
  12. Long Term Planning – next meeting will be in September.
  13. Sustainable SR – no report.
  14. Miramar Community Leaders Forum – no report.
  15. BRM – report given in first part of Agenda.
  16. Community Fair – no report.




Adjourn: 9:17pm