August 13, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

  2. Roll Call   7:02   call to order   16 members present.
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  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment –

Yannis & Denise Pihas

Thet wanted to address the City’s plan to build 40-60 transitional units for homeless on their parking lot.  Yanni shared that, yes, San Diego has huge homeless population. They’ve been at this site for 5 years and specifically selected it because of the location and parking area (their prior location had a very small parking lot).  While they appreciate the plan to support the homeless, they do not agree that this is the right location.  There are no services nearly, no local transportation and there are concerns about safety issues for the restaurant, businesses and hotels that share the area.

Yannis is a neighborhood and family restaurant that provides great food and service.  They are asking for SRCA support, guidance and help to stop this initiative.

The City owns this 1.4 acres parcel but the boundary line needs to be assessed.  If 40-60 units are built, much of the lot would be lost.  Developers have not yet received the request and everyone is waiting for the official RFP.  The City owns the park and ride (which is packed from 8a-4p every day but that is viable for the restaurant as they have greater needs for the dinner service).  The association of businesses owns the community parking management and maintenance.  MRNPC aware. Tom Meissner waiting for more info.  Denise Pihas has contacted the Mayor’s office but has not received a response as of yet.  The City is looking at all 7 locations to provide transitional housing and since they own it, they can decide.  However, the City council ultimately has to decide via vote.  Until RFP, no update.  Sadly, the Mayor’s office is not communicating with anyone.  Yannis contract has parking space allotments but, needs to be reviewed by Yannis lawyer.  Park & Ride has been there 15 years so when they purchased the building, they never expected change to the parking options.  There seven open lots that City can create inclusionary space.  Nutrition, medical, mental health support in one place.  Wally noted that the City Council is doing away with any new development parking allotment. Wally went to the City Council Transitional Housing meeting and the City voted in favor for the inclusionary housing ordinance.  Politically, this is not a good time to oppose inclusionary housing.  The City Attorney has to review all requirements.  Wally says six votes are needed to pass the initiative and he feels that it likely will be agreed upon.

  2. S. Congress (Congressman Peters) – E. Magee (Congressman guest) – Not Present
  3. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) – Not Present
  4. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar)
  • Anthony George from Supervisor Kristin Gaspar’s office (works for the Third District)

Anthony is new and just joined Supervisor Gaspar’s Office. Comes from 5+ years in the Mayor’s office so he understands how things work and appreciates the opportunity to work with the SRCA. While he cannot attend every SRCA meeting, he will always be responsive. There is not much to report as the month of August is “dark” due to legislative recess. The last meeting was held on August 6th before the break. The current projects include:

– providing new nursing facilities for mothers/babies at county/city buildings

– The massive SANDAG project = Transnet. Proposes that 1/2 cent tax to be used for building mass transit facility. Gaspar against using tax money and wants the money to better current freeways. There is additional concepts for placing trackers in cars and charging “congestion” pricing (for ex: cost to drivers for driving on roads during peak hours). Supervisor Gaspar is against this black box concept. His contact [email protected].

Wally. Not opposed to homeless housing but, the location is bad idea at Yannis.  Will Supervisor Gaspar help support SR?

  1. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) – Not Present
  2. San Diego Police Department – Not Present
  3. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) –Not present
  4. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC)


Business Park: There is a proposal for conversion of 6 existing commercial condominiums and consolidation of 3 lots intone a t10103 – 10123 Carroll Canyon Road. The planning Group will discuss this at our September 5th meeting and make a recommendation to the Planning Commission.

Public Facilities Financing Plan: Every two or three years, the city prepares an update to the community’s plan for developing public facilities. The plan is normally on-line, but it is down now for revision. The plan contains descriptions of planned capital improvement projects, including parks, public buildings, and roads, was well as the status of the community’s funds collected from development projects. We will discuss the plan for the Scripps Miramar Ranch planning area at our September meeting. The Rancho Encantada / Stonebridge Estates community also has a PFFP but it is not up for review this year.

Planning Group Member Election in March 2020: The next election for SRPG membership is in 6 months. There will be 10 positions up for election or re-elections. Our Bylaws require that candidates must have attended at least two meeting of group in the previous 12 months. If you are interested in serving on the planning group, please come to a meeting and talk with us, and contact me at [email protected]. Wally has been elected CBC chair.

Public Facilities Fund – the committee meets on August 14th to understand on how much money is held within the fund and what projects are planned.  Need to come up with a new list/plan.  No update on Renzulli and Alliant properties.  KB called and wants to talk to Wally and Bob tomorrow.  9/5 next mtg.

Next meeting. The next Planning Group meeting are September 5 and October 3, 2019. Agendas for all meeting are posted at least 72 hours in advance on the back Seminar Room door of the library, on the Planning Group’s website:


  2. Wally shared that there are 10 seats open for election for next year.  Open in March for election.  If interested, check with Wally.
  3. Wally has been elected CBC chair.
  4. Motion by Wally to approve prior minutes (both May & June, 2019)
    Unanimous approval of minutes.
  5. Motion to approve 2019/2020 Budget. Unanimous approval. Monthly financials will be emailed out to board members.
  6. Motion to adopt new bank account. Unanimous approval.
  7. Motion to add all SRCA officers to Pay Pal acct. Unanimous approval.
  8. Car Show set for September 14th
  1. Clean Up Days set for October 19th.
  2. Ruben Suzara. Has been unanimously approved take over for District 16 board member.


Meeting Closed at 8:12pm

VII. President’s Report

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