The Carroll Canyon Mixed Use development (formerly “Carroll Canyon Commercial Center” project) site is located in the northeast quadrant of I-15 and Carroll Canyon Road. Situated north of Carroll Canyon Road, east of I-15, a distance west of Scripps Ranch Boulevard, and south of an intermittent natural drainage corridor, the Carroll Canyon Mixed Use project site encompasses approximately 9.52 acres.

Final EIR

A – SIGNED Certification Page Carroll Canyon
B – Responses to Comments
C – Cover
D – Inside Cover
E – Table of Contents
F – List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
G – Executive Summary
H – 1.0 – Introduction
I – 2.0 – Environmental Setting
J – 3.0 – Project Description
K – 4.0 – History of Project Changes
L – 5.0 – Impact Analysis
L1 – 5.1 – Land Use
L2 – 5.2 – Transportation-Traffic Circulation-Parking
L3 – 5.3 – Visual Effects-Neighborhood Character
L4 – 5.4 – Air Quality
L5 – 5.5 – Global Climate Change
L6 – 5.6 – Energy
L7 – 5.7 – Noise
L8- 5.8 – Biological Resources
L9 – 5.9 – Geologic Conditions
L10 – 5.10 – Paleontological Resources
L11 – 5.11 – Hydrology
L12 – 5.12 – Health and Safety
L13 – 5.13 – Public Services and Facilities
L14 – 5.14 – Public Utilities
M – 6.0 – Cumulative Effects
N – 7.0 – Effects Not Found to Be Significant
O – 8.0 – Growth Inducement
P – 9.0 – Significant Irreversible Environmental Changes
Q – 10.0 – Alternatives
R – 11.0 – MMRP
S – 12.0 – References
T – 13.0 – Individuals and Agencies Consulted
U – 14.0 – Certification

Draft EIR

The city released a draft environmental impact report (DEIR) in January for the proposed project at the northeast corner of Carroll Canyon Road and Interstate 15. The project would include about 260 apartments and 10,700 square feet of retail space for restaurants and small businesses. This project is a replacement for a previously proposed commercial shopping center, which the community opposed.

Comments are due no later than Monday, Feb. 27. The Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) has prepared a response to the DEIR which is here: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PDF

In general the SRPG concluded that the DEIR does not yet completely and accurately describe the environmental impacts of the proposed project as required by the California Environmental Quality Act.

The city will then prepare a final EIR, probably in April or May. The project will then be reviewed by the SRPG and its recommendation will be provided to the City Planning Commission and finally the City Council. Comments from the public will be welcome at the SRPG and at the city meetings.

The complete DEIR is available on the city’s website at the following links.



Memo for Planning Commission Resolution # 4647 (posted 01-29-15)

Planning Commission Resolution # 4647 (posted 01-29-15)

November Newsletter Special Report

Draft EIR prepared in September 2013

Final response to the Draft EIR for Carroll Canyon from the SRPG

Caltrans Letter on Carroll Canyon Commercial Proposal


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