Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC)

School Calendar Update

The Schools Committee had a lengthy discussion regarding the proposed academic calendars. The committee could not reach a consensus on an action plan, but it was suggested that individuals could reach out to board trustee Kevin Beiser. In December the school board voted to reject the district Calendar Committee’s recommendation for 2015–2016, which would have started the school year in late August. Instead the board voted to start after Labor Day, on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

This decision was made in large part due to the lack of meaningful stakeholder engagement. The district was given 90 days to solicit more stakeholder input around the start date for 2016–2017 before making a decision on that calendar. The board also approved the transition of 15 schools, including Jerabek Elementary School, from the year-round to the traditional calendar beginning this September.

Graduation Concerns

As part of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), school districts are required to identify specific goals and actions. One of the priorities for San Diego Unified is a “Broad and Challenging Curriculum.” Area superintendent Fabiola Bagula presented a recap of this topic, which included an analysis of the graduating class of 2016. Forty percent of those students are not on track to graduate on time. In large part, this is because the district increased the rigor of graduation requirements for the class of 2016 by having them meet the UC and CSU “A–G” admission requirements. Districtwide, the issues seem to be the availability and placement in math and foreign language classes at the middle and high schools.

This is not the case for Scripps Ranch High School, where 14% have been identified as not on track. Principal Ann Menna said some students identified are the result of software compatibility issues. Others are students who received Fs one semester followed by Cs for the second semester in the same course. These are corrected by adjusting their grade to a D average for the course, which is considered passing for graduation but not for college admission.

Also, large numbers of SRHS students take courses in a different order than expected, such as waiting until senior year to take a Visual and Performing Arts required class. Fabiola and Ann are reviewing every student identified as not on track to determine a course of action.

Next Meeting

For more about the SRSC, please visit []. Our next meeting is on Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 4:30 pm in the MMS community room. For questions, contact co-chair Jaylene Farry at [[email protected]].

Tamara Hurley, Legislative Analyst