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New State Test Scores

If you have not received your child’s California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP, also commonly known as the SBAC tests) score reports, you will soon. This article hopes to give you a better understanding of the overall results of the tests.

The CAASPP tests are the new standardized tests in English language arts/literacy and math that students in grades 3–8 and 11 took in spring 2015. These replaced the STAR tests (also known as the CSTs) that were suspended two years ago. Because the CAASPP is new and requires computer skills, greater critical thinking, and written explanation of a students’ reasoning—and is based on the Common Core State Standards—expectations were that students would perform below their actual ability and that 2015 would be a baseline from which to measure progress.

In fact, the Academic Performance Index (API) for rating schools, which was largely based on test score results, has been suspended indefinitely by the state. That said, some general comparisons can be made between the schools in the Scripps Ranch cluster, the district, the state, and even other states, as SBAC results from eight other states also were recently released.

In general, CAASPP results for each student in California are reported as the standard being either “exceeded,” “met,” “nearly met,” or “not met.” The state intentionally did not use the categories “advanced,” “proficient,” “basic,” and “below basic” to avoid the public perception of failing students, but the categories are roughly the same.

To avoid data overload, statistics are generally reported as the top two—standard “exceeded” or “met”—together and the bottom two—”nearly met” or “not met”—together. A summary of the results for Scripps Ranch students is in the table below. State, district, and more detailed results for our local schools, including links to the sources for all data, are posted at

How Did CA Do?

Of the 3.2 million California students tested, less than half met or exceeded standards for either subject at any grade. Overall, 44% of California students met or exceeded standards in English and 33% met or exceeded standards in math.

As compared to the students in eight other states—CT, DE, ID, MO, OR, VT, WA, WV—that took the SBAC, scores for students in California generally ranked at or near the bottom for all grade levels except for 11th. State officials have suggested that California’s lower scores could be a result of the higher percentage of English learners in our state.

Within California there were significant achievement gaps between Asian and White students, who did much better in general than Latino/Hispanic, Native American, and Black/African American students. Those who are not proficient in English—English learners—had the worst results, with only 11% meeting or exceeding standards in English or math.

How Did SDUSD Do?

Students in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) scored significantly better than the state averages. That’s despite the fact that student demographics in the district with respect to income, English learners, ethnicity, and so forth generally mirror those of the state. Overall, 51% of SDUSD students met or exceeded the standard in English, and 41% met or exceeded the standard in math.

How Did Scripps Ranch Schools Do?

Students in the Scripps Ranch schools scored significantly better than state and district averages (see table). Overall, 83% of students in grades 3–5 in our local elementary schools met or exceeded the standard in English, and 78% met or exceeded the standard in math.

At Marshall Middle School 75% of students in grades 6–8 met or exceeded the standard in English, and 69% met or exceeded the standard in math. At Scripps Ranch High School 64% of students met or exceeded the standard in English, and 61% met or exceeded the standard in math.

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Tamara Hurley, Legislative Analyst

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Results for Scripps Ranch

English Language Arts/Literacy Math

Grades 3–5 Grades 6–8 Grade 11 Grades 3–5 Grades 6–8 Grade 11

Standard Exceeded 57% 33% 27% 45% 42% 30%

Standard Met 26% 42% 37% 33% 27% 31%

Standard Nearly Met 10% 17% 22% 16% 21% 23%

Standard Not Met 6% 9% 14% 5% 10% 16%