Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC)

Student Safety

In an effort to ensure student safety is a district priority the Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC) held a productive meeting with our principals, parent representatives, and district personnel. Area superintendent Monika Hazel presented the district’s safety plan, which includes a large mental health component for our students.

School district police officers and facility managers explained the physical security deterrents on campuses. Those include the availability of viewing on-campus cameras in “real time” when they are immediately notified of an unsafe event. Principals presented their school’s existing security devices and plans, while sharing ideas for future improvements.

Kevin Beiser, our board trustee and school board president, listened to strong pleas to prioritize district funds for school security. Although there are existing plans and deterrents to keep students safe, an overriding theme of the meeting concluded there is much more that needs to be done. At the Mar. 13 school board meeting, $15 million in bond money was approved to accelerate the installation and implementation of school safety measures on our campuses.

Principals will communicate with their families and provide the public security plans for the district and their individual sites. Please note that there are also detailed private contingency plans that are not shared, for obvious reasons.

After the meeting Monika collected cards containing school safety concerns and suggestions from committee members and guests. If you or someone you know would like to provide more input on the subject of school safety, please feel free to email her at [email protected]

The officers also shared a student safety hotline that is open 24/7. Anyone can anonymously report information, which encourages students to continue the “hear or see something, say something” movement. Please share the number with your children: 888-580-8477.

Because this is such an important topic that needs further discussion and action, the SRSC will keep school security as an ongoing agenda item so that our district’s student safety continues to improve.

SRSC Meetings

The SRSC meets on the third Wednesday of each month—during the school year— at 4:30 pm in the Marshall Middle School Community Room. All meetings are open to the public. If you would like to be on the agenda or have a suggestion, please email me at [email protected]

Jen Marchesini, SRSC Chair