2024 4th of July Parade

Scripps Ranch America’s Patriotic Culdesac!

We need groups and individuals to sign up to march in the parade. This can be neighborhood groups, Facebook groups, community groups, churches, temples, schools, scouts, sports teams, dance groups, theater groups, car clubs, businesses, pet groups, lawnmower dads, convertible drivers; cheerleaders, fitness clubs, etc (no political campaigns), use your imagination. Get your group together and let’s make this a great parade!

Please check all that apply

On behalf of the above entry/organization. I agree to release and hold harmless the SRCA 4th of July Committee, its members and agents, and the owners or managers of the grounds or the location where this event is held for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from participation in the above entry in this event.

I/we/our group agree to follow the parade rules listed below:

• NO ALCOHOL is permitted on the route • NO THROWING candy or other items at spectators • NO SQUIRT GUNS or spraying of spectators • NO DISTRIBUTION of literature, fliers, brochures, business cards of any type • NO SOLICITING by collecting money or distributing advertising • CLEANUP CREW REQUIRED for all animals • NO POLITICAL ADVERTISING and CAMPAIGNING including signs (elected officials are invited guests) • ALL VEHICLES must be street legal • ALL ENTRIES SUBJECT TO 4th OF JULY COMMITTEE APPROVAL

I agree to the above *