A Brief History of Recognition Night

Recognition Night began in 1979, and for those of you who haven’t heard it before, the top award was “Man of the Year”.

Eventually an award called “Women of Achievement” was added.

By 1982 our top award was changed to “Citizens of the Year,” and believe it or not, we had 5 honorees that year.

Between 1982 and 1988, the number of Citizens of the Year dropped from 5, to 4, to eventually 1. All following years it was usually one and occasionally two honorees.

Bob Dingeman started it all and chaired the event until turning it over in 1994 to Dona Porreca. Dorothy Mildice took over as Chair in 1995. Since then, we’ve had Kendra Boyce, Bob Cavanaugh, and Bob Ilko. Vince Petrucci has chaired the event since 2014.

In addition to Citizen of the Year, we recognize a variety of volunteers at a variety of award levels.

From its inception until today and through tomorrow, Recognition Night continues SRCA’s mission: “through volunteerism we advocate for Scripps Ranch…”

Award Descriptions

Eligible nominees include Scripps Ranch residents whose volunteerism over the last year benefits our Scripps Ranch community. Residents submit nominations to the Recognition Committee for review. After the submission deadline, the SRCA Executive Committee selects the eligible honorees and assigns the awards based on the information received, prior awards presented, etc. As such, not all awards are presented each year.

Here is a summary of the possible awards. For a listing of award recipients, visit Prior Honorees.

Citizen of the Year – Our most prestigious award presented to an individual who makes significant contributions to our community in many ways and whose work has left a lasting impression.

Volunteer Hall of Fame – Outstanding Scripps Ranch volunteers who, if, after being named Citizen of the Year, make greater contributions to enhance Scripps Ranch.

Sportspersons of the Year – Presented to those who have contributed to our quality of life through sports-related activities in Scripps Ranch. Many have provided service for more than 10 years.

Congressional Awards – Given to an individual for leadership and service over an extended time.

Distinguished Volunteers – Volunteered on three or more events for three or more years, or with one event or organization for four or more years.

California State Assembly Award – Residents who make outstanding contributions to the development of volunteerism in Scripps Ranch.

SRCA District Representative of the Year – A District Representative who delivered outstanding contributions on more than one committee or project over multiple years.

School Volunteers – Volunteers, teachers and administrators who provided substantial contributions during the year or for a specific project.

Community Service Awards – Residents who contributed significant time and energy to two or more events or organizations during the past year, or one project for two or more years.

Certificates of Appreciation – Residents who have given unusual or substantial contributions to the community this year or for one specific project.

Special Awards – From time-to-time, the Executive Committee and/or SRCA President may elect to recognize unique contributions with special awards.