Cancellation of SRCA 50 Plus Programs and Activities in March. Due to coronavirus and flu concerns given the advice from CDC about precautions for seniors, various organizations have cancelled their participation in near-term such as our SRCA 50 Plus events.

• Cancelled: The March 18 Senior Living Tour of The Glen in Scripps Ranch
• Cancelled: SRCA 50 Plus Friday lectures in the library for the following dates: March 13 (by Alzheimer’s, San Diego), March 20 (by ElderHelp, San Diego), and March 27 (by DA’s Office).
• Suspended: The Dementia Support and Discussion Group meetings held by Alzheimer's San Diego at the SRCA Community Center on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays are suspended immediately until further notice.
• Cancelled: The SRCA 50 Fun and Games events on Thursday mornings are cancelled for the at least remaining Thursdays in March.

SRCA 50 will be working to possibly reschedule the tour of the Glen and the lectures later in the year. Decisions about April and later events will be made as necessary.

Note: These actions are not precipitated by any specific virus issue in Scripps Ranch, but rather as a precaution consistent with the CDC’s recommendations for seniors and others at high risk

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