Seeking SRCA Volunteer Coordinator
If interested please email Bob Ilko at [email protected]
If you want to be a SRCA volunteer please CLICK HERE or email [email protected]

We now have a Facebook page “Scripps Ranch Volunteer Group” where residents can go to volunteer or find volunteers for SR-related projects, programs and events. Our motto is “Got it done ourselves”. Why wait weeks or even months for the city to solve our problems in our community. If it is appropriate, we will try to find volunteers that care about SR that want to solve a problem.

Various SRCA Standing Committees and the SRCA board itself have a continuing need for volunteers. Indeed, volunteerism is the foundation of the SRCA. Volunteers will be needed on a continuing basis and for a single or a series of events or activities and for succession planning.

Potential Sources of Volunteers:
• The Community at large
• Current volunteers – some of whom may be inclined to do more
• Students or Scouts – in their commitment to do community service
• Members of various social, service, civic, sport, and religious groups in Scripps Ranch
• Employees of businesses in Scripps Ranch
• Military Service Personnel from MCAS Miramar

The Need for Volunteers:
Currently, the SRCA and/or a Standing Committee identifies the need for volunteers and advertises the need via its local channels at Board Meetings, in the newsletter, etc. This is, at best, a hit and miss proposition, not just for this organization, but for all organizations with no formal volunteer recruitment process. Specific volunteer duties are often vague and need to be spelled out – what, when, where, why, who, and how. This will prevent attrition resulting from volunteer burnout.

• In conjunction with SRCA Committees, develop plans, processes, budgets and rewards, to recruit, train, deploy, and reward volunteers.

Key Objectives for the Volunteer Coordinator:
• Create a pipeline of volunteers to support the needs of the SRCA Committees and Board of Directors.
• Develop and maintain a central database of SRCA Committee volunteer opportunities and volunteers available.

Responsibilities for the Volunteer Coordinator:
• Design, post and promote a volunteer application form.
• Maintain a registry system for volunteers listing detailed contact information, availability and interests.
• Track SRCA volunteer opportunities, including: the dates, the number of volunteers needed, the duties / responsibilities / skill sets required, and lead contact information for the event.
• Track volunteer participation in events, past and present, within the registry system.
• Develop and maintain a promotional plan to actively recruit volunteers using channels, such as: the “Volunteer” page, Facebook, social media, website, emails, Newsletter, etc.
• Issue regular reminders to Committees seeking volunteers to provide current updates to meet their expected needs.
• Provide current policies to new Committees / Chairs to help them understand the system.
• Present regular updates to the SRCA Board.

Organizational Structure:
The Volunteer Coordinator will be a member of the SRCA and report to the President.
The Volunteer Coordinator is a non-paid volunteer position.
The Volunteer Coordinator will effectively work in collaboration with the Webmaster and Committee Chairs.