Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC)

Middle School Draft EIR

The Scripps Ranch Schools Committee (SRSC) met twice during the months of December and January to review and discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the four potential middle-school sites identified by the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD). A written response to the DEIR, reflecting the shared concerns of a majority of SRSC members, was sent to Mooney and Associates, and to the SDUSD on Jan. 22, 2002.

The SRSC written response has been posted on the SRCA website, [], under Hot News. Because of the length of the response, it will not be reproduced in this Newsletter. Included in the posting are the written responses of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee.

Common Calendar Survey

A non-binding survey was sent out to all the K-8 schools in Scripps Ranch to obtain the opinions of parents and staff concerning a possible change to the school calendar. This survey was a result of comments made at the community meeting on Nov. 14, 2001, when a common calendar for Scripps Ranch schools and later bell times for secondary schools were discussed. At this meeting, there appeared to be support for a modified traditional calendar across the K-8 schools. This calendar begins in September, has a 3-week winter break and a 2- to 3-week spring break, and ends before the 4th of July. It would be determined later if remediation would involve intercession classes during the two breaks or a summer school after the regular school year is completed.

At each elementary school, approximately 50 percent of the surveys were returned. At the middle school level, the return rate was much lower with only 16 percent of the parent surveys being returned, so those results may not be as reliable. Each school had approximately two thirds of the teachers return the survey, which probably does give a representative view of the classroom teacher’s opinions.

Jerabek showed very strong support for a calendar change with 83% of the parents and 93% of the teachers wanting to move to a modified schedule. EBS had 61% of its parents and 90% of its teachers in favor of moving to a modified calendar. The Dingeman parents were virtually split with 47% preferring a change versus 46% preferring to keep the calendar as is. At Dingeman, 66% of the teachers preferred a calendar change versus only 18% who wished to retain the current schedule. At Marshall, the parents also were split with 49% wishing to modify the calendar versus 48% who preferred to keep it the same. The Marshall teachers were in favor of changing with 79% of the teachers wishing to make a change. The numbers are not yet available for Miramar Ranch Elementary.

The most common reason given by those who opposed modifying the calendar was that it would not coincide with the high school and those parents did not wish to have differing school calendars amongst their children. A more complete version of this report, including parent comments, will soon be available on the SRCA website [] under Hot News.

Once all of the data are tabulated, the results of the non-binding survey will be sent to SDUSD staff. Any further action taken by the District or by any individual school, will be under the auspices of that school’s site governance team and administration as stated in the School District policy. If you have any questions concerning the survey results at your school, please contact your principal.

The next regular meeting of the SRSC will be held on Tuesday, Mar. 5, from 4 to 6 pm in the seminar room of the Scripps Ranch Library.

4-Acre Recreation Parcel Subcommittee

A joint subcommittee was formed to discuss the fate of the 4-acre parcel that was purchased last year from Shea Homes using $1 million of community funds. The designated purpose of the purchase is to provide additional recreational opportunities for residents of Scripps Ranch. The parcel is located immediately east of the Scripps Ranch Marketplace (the new Vons shopping center). The subcommittee consists of representatives of the two planning groups (SRPG and MRNPC), the SRCA, and the Scripps Ranch Rec Council (SRRC).

In seeking input from the Scripps Ranch community regarding the potential use of the 4-acre parcel, the subcommittee published a survey form in the SRCA Newsletter, on the SRCA website, and several volunteers solicited input from the community at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market on two Saturdays.