SRCA Schools Committee

On February 4 the school board officially approved establishing Miramar Ranch Elementary School as a K-6 school beginning in 2003-2004. It will continue as a K-6 school until Marshall Middle School can accommodate all 6th to 8th graders in Scripps Ranch–when the new middle school is built.

The board also approved a one-time allocation of $25,000 from the district general operations budget to provide funding for substitute time, equipment, and educational materials to support the inclusion of the 6th grade program. This is in addition to an allocation of up to $30,130 from the general fund for 6th grade instructional materials. The vote was unanimous, 5-0.

Although it was expected that the board would approve our community solution for the overcrowding problem at Marshall Middle School, it was unclear whether it would approve the necessary funds to support this transition. The amount approved is the same as was given to Dingeman Elementary School two years ago.

However, the district is in a budget crisis and is trying to find dollars wherever it can. We are pleased they approved the funding so that Miramar Ranch Elementary School can establish a program for its 6th grade students of the caliber developed at Dingeman.

You may have read in The San Diego Union-Tribune that the school district expects about $5 million from Scripps Ranch for our new middle school. SRCA President Marc Sorensen has a detailed article on page 15 that clarifies the issue. Also, Bob Dingeman has an update on the new middle school on page 9.

Below is a draft site plan for the new middle school. Obviously, during the design process, there will be changes.

As of the writing of this article, we do not have a schedule for further meetings of the middle school Design Task Force. It has been great to have so many interested parents and residents participate and bring their unique ideas and perspectives to help design the middle school.

We expect that a new schedule will be developed for about four more meetings. The new schedule will be published in the Newsletter and posted on the SRCA website at [].

The next meeting of the SRCA Schools Committee is on Tuesday, Mar. 18, at 4 pm in the Scripps Ranch Library’s community room.

Denise Ouellette and Joyce Berzle, Co-chairs