SRCA Schools Committee

The SRCA Schools Committee held its March meeting at the Scripps Ranch Library. There were several important topics discussed. One item brought forward was concerning the portion of Scripps Ranch that currently boundaries to Wangenheim Middle School instead of Marshall Middle School. Parents in that area are wondering if there might be room for their children at Marshall since Miramar Ranch and Dingeman elementary schools are retaining 6th graders.

Both district personnel and the SRCA Schools Committee agreed that the situation would be reviewed yearly, but at this point, the boundary needs to remain as it is to prevent overcrowding at Marshall. An offshoot of this discussion was a consensus that the individual schools and the district need to be diligent about verifying home addresses.

School district representative Roy McPhail was on hand to present a proposal designed to avoid potential overcrowding at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School and provide some flexibility to families in the EBS boundary area. The district’s proposal is that families newly enrolling at EBS be offered the option of attending either EBS or Dingeman elementary schools.

It is hoped that a sufficient number of people–it does not need to be a large number–will take advantage of this and keep the numbers at EBS below their maximum. It is important to note that this program would be completely voluntary, and the district has no plans to change any boundaries until the current Marshall site is converted to the permanent EBS upon the opening of Marshall at the new site. The Schools Committee agreed that offering this option made sense, and Roy McPhail will take the proposal to the school board.

The Schools Committee also agreed to support the district’s recommendation that principals once again be allowed the flexibility to accept "Choice" students. The principals said that this is valuable, as sometimes one or two students can mean losing or adding teachers. The principals also say they will be cautious about the number of students they accept, as those students, once accepted, have the right to remain in Scripps Ranch schools through high school.

Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) Principal David LeMay told us about anticipated growth of about 300 students at the high school for the coming year. Fifty of these students will be from Lincoln High School as part of the district relocation plan while Lincoln is razed and rebuilt pursuant to Proposition MM.

The committee was in agreement that these students are in a difficult position and that the Scripps Ranch community would welcome these students and help them enjoy their time here. Principal LeMay felt that the high school would have no trouble accommodating the growth now that the campus has been expanded through Prop MM.

Principal LeMay also addressed concerns of members of the Schools Committee regarding test scores at SRHS. This discussion is expected to continue at the May meeting.

Oren Patashnik and Pam Montanile, members of the SRCA Marshall Middle School Finance Committee, gave a brief report on efforts to catalog community funds and weigh the monetary contribution the community may make to joint use facilities at the new Marshall. This effort is ongoing and more details should be available as the process continues.

Meanwhile, a final site plan is complete for the new middle school. Please see page 31 in the Newsletter.

The next SRCA Schools Committee will be held on Tuesday, May 20, from 4 to 6 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

Denise Ouellette and Joyce Berzle, Co-chairs