Scripps Ranch Schools Committee

At a Meeting on May 22 the Scripps Ranch School Committee accepted the resignation of Lynn Parke as Chairman and thanked her for her years of devoted and exemplary service to the children of Scripps Ranch and our Schools. She has served on many District Schools Committees and at the same time chaired two Family Faculty organizations in two different schools. As School Committee chairman she has scheduled and chaired many schools meetings as we addressed our on-going and future schools solutions. She goes with the thanks and well wishes of all residents.

In an election it was suggested that there be a Chairman and a Vice Chairman of the Schools Committee. Karen Wood, who chaired the EBS Task Force and has served on many School Committees, was elected Chairman, and Janet Dray who has represented the Miramar Ranch Elementary School on the Committee was elected as Vice Chairman. We welcome the new slate. Karen Wood indicated that the Committee will make a major effort to expand communications with all parts of the Ranch so that we can maintain our unified and pragmatic representation to the Board of Education .

In the deliberations and discussions at the meeting the pros and cons of preparing and then conducting a Broad Based Schools Survey to ascertain a wide spectrum of community feelings on schools was held. The consensus was that there were too many unanswered questions and that a survey could create unfulfilled expectations of actions which could take place. This topic will be revisited in the fall.

A definitive letter listing concerns and questions will be prepared and sent to the School District Staff. Included in the letter would be a request asking for a sit – down session with key District Staff members to discuss the answers, what was doable and what could not be achieved, before going to the Board of Education with a community recommendations. Several members expressed concern that the information as to funding and alternatives for schools as to size etc. received from the District was unclear and needed verification.The concerns of members included whether the information provided as to funding and school size was mandated by the State and what needed specific funding support from local funds. Once the answers are secured and the requested discussions held, the results can be communicated to residents.