Schools Committee

Originally established as a subcommittee of the SRCA, the SR Schools Committee is in the process of reorganizing as an independent committee, which represents the SR community on school issues. On May 22, Karen Wood and Janet Dray were elected by committee members to serve as co-chairs of the committee. On June 19, a committee meeting was held, and it was decided that the committee would hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month from 4-6 pm in the SR Library Seminar Room. A subcommittee was formed to draft a Mission Statement and By-laws.

Two other subcommittees have been formed. One will study the feasibility of a common school calendar for all SR schools and the feasibility of a common later start time for Middle and High School students. The second subcommittee will study the feasibility of maintaining Marshall Middle School at its current location and constructing a second smaller Middle School (approx. population of 1000) as a potential option to building one large Middle School, which is the path currently being followed by District staff.

Other issues: At the June 19 meeting, Pam Montanile, MRN Planning Group representative, was asked to give a report on meetings which have occurred between City Traffic, MRN Planning Group, SDU School District representatives, school Principals, and SR residents about the creation of a designated school zone along Scripps Poway Pkwy, between Spring Canyon Rd. and Cypress Canyon Rd. The City has approved the designated school zone to include EB Scripps and Dingeman Elementary Schools. Marshall Middle School will not be included in the school zone because it is located too far from SPP. Flashing beacons at the western and eastern boundaries of the school zone have also been approved. The City has agreed to reduce the speed limit along Scripps Poway Pkwy to 50 mph from 55 mph, and the time allowed for crossing at each of the intersections along SPP has been increased. More information will be forthcoming as talks continue.

The next Schools Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 7, 4-6 pm in the Seminar Room of the SR Library. The proposed agenda for the meeting is:

  • Report from Mission Statement/By-laws Subcommittee
  • Report from Two Middle Schools Subcommittee
  • Report from Common Calendar/Late Start Time Subcommittee
  • Roundtable Discussion

The SRCA has generously allowed the Schools Committee to post meeting minutes on the SRCA website: If you have any questions about the Schools Committee, please direct them to Karen Wood, [email protected], 566-7144 or Janet Dray, [email protected], 530-1451.