Scripps Ranch Civic Association Community Center

11885 Cypress Canyon Road
(near Scripps Poway Parkway
and Cypress Canyon Road)

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In 1999, collaborative efforts between the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, the City of San Diego, and McMillin Communities set the stage for the creation of the Scripps Ranch Community Center.

At that time, the building, which was originally located in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace, served as a Sales Pavilion for McMillin Communities, and was no longer needed for its original purpose. The building could not remain in its original location, but McMillin Communities agreed to donate the building to the City of San Diego and move it to another location in the community.

After a series of public meetings, it was agreed that the Butterfly Garden pocket park was the best relocation site. The building was subsequently cut into three sections, transported east down Scripps Poway Parkway, and reassembled at this site. The fireplace, columns and cupola all looked exactly as it had for the previous 6 years. The building was officially opened in September 2000 by Mayor Susan Golding as the Scripps Ranch Community Service Center.

From 2000 to 2009, the City of San Diego and Scripps Ranch Civic Association worked in partnership to promote the City of San Diego’s plan to bring City Services to the local neighborhoods, and to promote the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s desire to make the Center into a true town hall, with archives of our history available in a relaxing and thought-provoking ambiance, with meeting rooms available for residents of Scripps Ranch.

The center has the E.W. Scripps Meeting Room, which is the area under the cupola, and the Nackey Conference Room, which is located in the eastern wing of the building. E.W. Scripps was the founder of Scripps Ranch, and his photo can be seen above the fireplace. The Nackey Room is named after Nackey Scripps Meanley, the daughter of E.W.Scripps, who lived in a home on the top of the hill overlooking Scripps Ranch Community Center.

In 2009, the City of San Diego decided to shutter the Community Service Center due to budget issues. The Scripps Ranch Civic Association stepped in and negotiated a Use Permit with the City to keep the center available for community meetings, and renamed the building “Scripps Ranch Community Center.” The City still uses office space for the community Park & Recreation Supervisor and the Maintenance Assessment District Supervisor. The Scripps Ranch Elder Care Alliance also now has office space within the center. The Miramar North Planning Committee and a number of Scripps Ranch homeowners associations, non-profits, clubs and community service organizations hold regular meetings in the center.

We permit events that bring in food and/or beverage service. There is no on-site kitchen. Alcoholic beverages are permitted with certificate of insurance naming the SRCA as additionally named insured (insurance companies will do so for you at no cost). The Community Center is available 7 days a week. Events must end by 10 pm. The SRCA does have folding tables for no charge including a limited number of chairs.

The use of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Community Center and its meeting rooms can be reserved by contacting [email protected]. Some events are “tentative” and some may cancel so we encourage you to send us an email to confirm if there is date/time available for your event. Please do not contact any of our users, we will for you. To confirm your event we must receive a rental check, cash or money order and a separate security deposit (cancellation, damage and clean up expenses may result).

When providing the name of the facility to your guests, please refer to our facility as the “Scripps Ranch Civic Assciation Community Center” located at 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131.