Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

December 14, 2010


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members


Absent Excused:  Buck, Fields, Mueller

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.  He introduced members and parents from Boy Scouts Troop 301 who were in attendance as part of requirement for Merit Badge.  Each Boy Scout gave their name and introduced their parent.

5th Council District – Jack Straw reported:

Talked about the recent UT article from the Mayor’s office discussing extending another round of cuts which include trash pickups from private streets.  Currently the City has a hold harmless agreement with HOA’s to allow trash trucks to drive and pick up trash on private streets.  The agreements however have a “termination clause” which allows either party to leave agreement.  This would being done as a way to save money.  14,500 households throughout the City would be affected and Mayor wants this completed by July 1st.  The City Council has no authority on the subject since the strong Mayor government was put in place.  Carl is not in favor of motion and realizes on average it could add $20 a month charge to these homeowners.  Suggest residents flood e-mails to the Mayor.

Water Department has proposed a rate increase with most costs due to pass through from Metropolitan Water District increase to the City water department.

Assemblyman Fletcher – Sterling McHale reported:

SR Race Run – Assemblyman participating in the run and came in third in his age category.

Emergency Budget session to deal with $6 billion budget gap.  Governor Brown will be submitting a draft soon.

Congressman Hunter:  Ellen Malin indicated she was offered a job for the Congressman in Washington DC and has accepted.  She introduced her replacement Andrea Jones.

Currently in a Lame Duck Session – working to extend the Bush tax credits.  They have not yet seen the compromise bill.

Immigration Issue – Nothing new right now.

Work Fair – February 25th from 9:00 am to noon at Cuyamaca College.  Still looking for additional businesses to participate.

SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan is in charge of our Neighborhood Watch in Scripps Ranch.  Over 1,200 residents have joined since April.  Information is distributed via e-mails.


Susan gave the following statistics for the period November 12th through December 12th:

4              residential burglaries – a couple of arrests have been made.  One arrested person

is linked to 50 burglaries.

5              thefts

6              commercial burglaries

9              Vehicle break-ins.  Remind everyone not to leave an items in their car.

Rite Aid Stores – Series of thefts where cartons of cigarettes were stolen.  They are located in same area in each store and unlocked.  When person apprehended they had over 100 cartons of cigarettes totaling $7,000.

Solicitors – A person distributing discount flyers door to door thinking one house was empty went around back to check back door.  A child was home and the person fled.  Police contacting business who was having flyer distributed to find employee.

N/E Division Budget Cuts – Will not hear anything till mid 2011.

Sign posting – We have had an increasing number of illegal posting of signs for various business endeavors.  The signs are being removed and effort made to contact responsible party to inform them of Neighborhood Code Compliance.  Sent out 5000 e-mails looking for some additional volunteers and have had 5 responses so far.

SR Business Park Landscaping Issues – Boerner presented this issue to the Board:

Lot 4 was developed by Opus West which is the current location of Lockheed Martin.  Development required that trees be planted to provide a screen from the adjacent residential area.  92 trees were planted and the Business Park Owner’s Assoc. has responsibility for maintenances of these trees.  Subsequently 77 trees have either died or close to it.  A motion was made by Boerner and seconded by Paul Vaughan that a letter be send to the Scripps Business Park Board of Directors from the SRPG & SRCA on SRCA letterhead on the subject and asking for fulfillment of the original requirement.  The vote was unanimous in favor of the motion.

Fundraising Committee – Chairperson Braunstein reported that the committee looked at our annual membership drive and activities that we sponsor.  It was determined there is no real difference between a member and resident and benefits they receive from SRCA.  The decision of the committee was to try a different approach and call our annual drive what it really is “Fundraiser”.  Claude passed out the new supporter application form and what will be in the Focus section of the January Newsletter.

Committee also looked at streamlining the verbiage and adding some humor by showing a Sherlock Holmes figure with slogan “ SRCA is looking for Community Supporters”.  Clings will again be given to those who support through a donation and the cling wording will change from SRCA Member to SRCA Supporter.


40th Anniversary Race/Run – Chairperson Vaughan reported:

Until the last few days prior to the event held December 12th at 7:00 am there were 250 registered participants.  In the last few days leading up to the event this increased to 550 entries.  Another 100 registered day of the event for a total of 650 participants.  The weather added to the success of the event.  All bills have not yet been submitted but is anticipated there will be $2,000 of expenses above income.  80-90% of participants were from Scripps Ranch.  Much thanks was given to Paul and Ilko for their hard work on this event.  There were 18 board members who helped out the day of the event.

Elder Care Alliance – Randall reported:

Sr. Housing Seminar – February 5th 8:30 am to 1:00 pm at Marshall Middle School.  Several north county housing community representatives have been invited to provide information on housing options for seniors for various levels of health.  This will be a major fundraiser for Elder Care Alliance as they are working on having a steady revenue stream.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported:

Rain Water – At their recent seminar on rain water and collection they had 45 attendees attend  event held at the Community Center.

The committee is going to focus more on seminars.  The next two will be on energy and water wise gardening.  May have another garden tour.  Also looking to have a survey in near future.

SRPG – Ilko reported:

Alliant University – Their developer does have a Conditional Use Permit for their Continued Life Community which will be age restricted.  Looking at 400 independent units with various levels from independent to assisted .  There are isssues with how does this fit into the University or not, traffic, aesthetics etc.

Chabab – Moving ahead with building 250 units.  Question is still how will they look.  Size will be

Buildings that are 1-3 stories and some 3-5 stories.  Issues still need to be resolved.

Irma Road – 200-300 Apartment units now going through development processing.

Renzulli Property – Owner looking again for a developer to resuscitate this project for single family homes.

Fire Safe Council and SRPG with the police and Red Cross through Jerry Mitchell looking for an evacuation plan for the community.  Question is how do we communicate this plan to the community.

Carroll Canyon Bridge – Completion of work still anticipated for Sept/Oct. 2011

Elderwood Median – Dorothy Stout present and one of residents that wanted this request reviewed by the City.  City wants SRCA to indicate their support for this removal before a cost estimate.  Jack Straw said the City does not have the financial resources to provide a cost estimate unless they know the community will support the removal of the median.


MRNPC – Staley asked how we can receive information on activities of this Planning Group since we no longer have a representative of the group on the SRCA Board.  It was suggested we contact Temporary Chair Tracey Reed to have minutes sent to Secretary of SRCA to distribute to the Board.  Staley offered to contact Reed.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:

Principals of the six public schools in SR were in the center Focus section of the Newsletter.  This is the first time had this exposure.  The six schools are working together on common issues to be a unified source.

Budget – Expecting a $120-137M budget cut.  Decisions will need to be made on where to cut and layoffs.  Principals are being brought into this decision making.  Possible 20% of teachers will receive pink slips.

School Foundations – These are being set up as a fund raising arm for the schools.  There will be new guideline and regulations.  Part of this was brought about due to not charging for participating in certain school activities.

Title 1 – Currently schools who have students who qualify under Title 1 and in live in that district retain the funding even if the student goes to another school.  30% of SRHS students come from outside SR and some qualify for Title 1 funding but none comes to SRHS.  Schools Committee looking at Title 1 funding and where they can develop any proposals for change.

Angela Bass will be at the next Schools Committee Meeting.

Schools Committee – Clairemont/Madison High Schools looking to start a Schools Committee.  They have looked at various existing committees.  The SR Schools Committee has focused with the Principals problem solving issues as kids go from school to school.  The two schools are now looking at the SRCA Schools Committee as their model.

Band Uniforms – They must be careful that the requests for donations come from the parent organization (ie boosters) and not from a teacher.  Also a student cannot be turned away from an activity because they do not donate any funds.

Financials – Allman provided copies of the November financials.  Staley indicated that page 10 had the preliminary costs for the 40th Anniversary Race/Run.

Budget Committee – Staley reported that the committee approved a request for funds for Tyler Tran who is a 6th grader at Marshall Middle School for support in the 2010 California Association of Student Leaders Conference to be held in San Jose March 31-April 2, 2011.  A $200 donation was approved and Tyler will make a presentation to the Board in April.


New Business

MCAS – Paterniti that the UT recently reported that their original plan for the new fighter jets is to have 12 squadrons each at MCAS and Yuma.  Some of the training will be moved to Yuma.

Website – Cavanagh said they are in the process of updating the website.  Still need information from Committee Chairs.  Copies of the newsletter issues January through November are on website.  We now have integrated Google calendar and maps.  Social networking, statistics and more is also being added.

A motion by Wurtzler and seconded by Vaughan was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley

SRCA Secretary