December 8, 2015


The Agenda was provided to all Board Members


Absent Excused: Allman, Braunstein, Drummond, Honeycutt, Little, Suzara

Absent Unexcused: Vinson

President Ilko called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Bob explained to the crowd some of the activities that SRCA hosts or sponsors. Also detailed other things the SRCA does to help the community in various rooms. Overall explained what the SRCA is all about. Expressed that hoped everyone would sponsor the SRCA during the upcoming Membership Drive.

Supervisor Dave Roberts – Evan Bolinger reported:

Supervisor elected first Vice President of State Association of Counties

Upcoming El Nino info safety for your pets.

Congressman Peters – Howard Ohm substituting for Brian Elliott reported:

Congressman Peters US Visa Waiver Program – closing gaps in visa waiver program to help prevent terrorists from entering country. When applying for a visa, now removes the 90 days without screening.

Senior Camp Seminar in December St. Paul’s Manor

Councilman Kersey – Alex Vivona reported:

Council voted on measure to raise water rates by 16%. Contact Kersey’s office for information as to correct staff member to answer questions.

Renewable Energy Plan reduce by 20% by 2020 and 50% by 2035.

SDPD – Shannah Oliveras reported:

Sgt. Lawrence came along also. Stats for month of November: 12 car break-ins. Crime of opportunity owners leaving items in plain sight. Remove valuables with windows up and locked. Walking around shopping centers be aware of surroundings. Hold onto purse and valuables. See anything suspicious to call police. Stolen vehicles zero this month. Zero commercial burglaries. Two residential burglaries. One on a Thursday morning 5:00-5:15 am and residents open. Vehicles there unlocked with garage door opener inside. Burglar took some items, saw suspects running. Work closely with Neighborhood Watch get info and extra eyes and ears. Next Door.com. Virtually Neighborhood Watch.

Vacation house check free service and they will check while you are gone. Inventory List and write serial number of items of your property. Makes it easier to track down and add additional charges to those thefts.

Tonight is about the School District presenting the proposed project at existing site of charter school and answering questions. Midori Wong Director of Special Projects for the SD Unified School District shared information on proposed project. The Board of Education and Superintendent wants to create partnerships with developers to develop property, create revenue, and provide facilities for students and work with the existing community. There is only one proposal for this site at this time. Currently Innovations Academy is on a short term Academy. Project to be a high quality project of multi- use project. At one time looked at a Community Garden out of public meeting held in 2014. Multi-family apartment – 22 units would be designated low income and marketed to district employees. Third component would be similar successful partnership with Qualcomm at other site. Students get hands on lab experiences of work and robotics and what is needed to achieve future careers. Incubator labs with private industry.

Topics – zoning, traffic and design. Sarah Hudson, District Demographer explained student generation rate. They look at similar existing developments and compared the proposed 264 unit apartment 3 other apartment complexes. Found the proposed project would generate an estimated 30-50 units. Dingeman capacity has about 800 students and about 200 don’t live in boundary. Innovations Academy currently has 234 students, with 84 out of district.

Janay Krueger of Monarch indicated they have been working on project a month. Current zoning allows apartments.

Traffic – Justin Schlaefli of Traffic Engineering & Planning. Traffic study has been completed looked at how much traffic is expected to generate in the future. Average daily trips coming in and leaving. One measurement. Two more AMP and PMP trips. How much traffic during commutes? That provides starting point for all traffic sites. Estimate 10,820 trips over a 24 hr. period. AM period 177 trips and 180 trips in PM. Compare numbers to other numbers at existing school site. Estimate just over 1,000 trips currently. 37% in AM/PM time. Increase of 800 trips and reduction in peak hours of 138 AM and 13 in PM. Second comparison against what Community Plan calculated. Looking at about 8,000 trips per day that the site was designed for in the Community Plan. Under city rules no need for additional studies.

Ron Stone of Monarch stated that they previously built project at Scripps Ranch Blvd and Mira Mesa Blvd. New project proposes building 1, 3 & 4 story buildings. Want to show sensitivity to the SR community. Buildings will be 300 ft. from away from Recreation area (Spring Canyon Park). Scripps Poway Parkway will have the main access. Closest home will be over 425 ft. away.

Project has already been approved by the State Board of Education and will have final notice and vote which will be published. Planning Group and SRCA can give a recommendation of approving, modify or reject, but the School Board has the authority of final decision.

Density – Brought up that there are no other buildings that high in Scripps Ranch. Zoning allows 60 ft. height. New buildings will be below that. The municipal code was updated in 2000 by City of San Diego. CV1 does not fit community. Another public hearing in January. In Community Plan 1 unit for every 15,000 sq. ft. 22 units will be affordable 691,000 sq. ft. Take acreages, divide and multiple by 35% and state law.

Parking – Apartment parking will be provided through a garage with extra parking for commercial and parking for technology building. Recreation Council concerned about parking for the recreation area. Developer and SD Unified working on the problem and looking at some solutions.

Traffic – what are the am and pm hours? AM peak period 7:00-9:00 am. Trip numbers solely concerned with this site. Watermark site is not considered in this analysis. Site specific only analysis.

Pedestrian safety – 2 driveways on Scripps Poway Parkway. One driveway is only for emergency fire lane.

Revenue stream – Developer, School Board and Superintendent goals are to redevelop district owned property. District goals is for ongoing revenue generation. They look at each site at local zoning and adding strong educational component. School District to provide a 66 year term lease and would receive about $400,000 per year from developer. Currently receiving $120,000 in rent. If you look at what takes to operate the current site there is a net loss. Income from lease is guaranteed for 66 years.

Thinkabit Lab serves 5-6,000 students per year. There was concern about transportations for field trips and they will be funding that. How different from labs from Dingeman and other schools? All modeled after similar plan and students will be exposed to coding and engineering. Will district allow guns and smoking on site? Answer is no.

Water – how much currently using versus what new development use? This project will have drought plants, low volume appliances and meet Title 24 regulations. What is the community benefit from housing, tech building and retail? Answer is looking for community garden and project complies with existing zoning. A private entity would build something even larger.

Innovations Academy – District has been working with them several months. They have been on a year to year lease and it will expire summer 2017. Charter school has identified a couple of sites to purchase with their own funds. Ways to assist with bonds to purchase furniture and equipment. District has owned the property since June 30, 1999. Original plan was to be a recreation area. Size is approximately 1,500 sq. ft.

Farmers Market – working with them to find an alternate site. How would District manage a 66 year lease? District Real Estate group already has managed some leases for many years. District has a full time Real Estate staff. How will they be able to accommodate additional students to Dingeman? About 200 students don’t live in district and reduce that number to accommodate the new students. Affordable housing will be offered to anyone that qualifies for the housing. District will be marketing to employees that qualify for that housing.

What has district done to investigate alternative projects? This was the only proposal submitted. Public hearing was held in 2014 through Miramar Ranch Planning Group, Schools Committee and SRCA. How can the project get this far along before the community is informed? Been working with community for several months. Wanted to come to Planning Group and SRCA to get comments.

District will take all the questions and provide answers. Project complies within existing zoning. Waiting for the City to confirm whether falls under a ministerial or discretionary designation. The point was made that those present are not in favor of the project.

Community Fair – McGinn reported: Fair will be third Sunday in May – Still looking for additional members for the committee and a Co-Chair to take over in 2017. This will be Jan’s last year as Chairperson. Theme will be “Community of Cultures” and want to show who lives in Scripps Ranch.

Membership – McGinn reported:

$3,600 and hopefully e-mails will go out shortly. January will have centerfold in Newsletter. Group specific letters will go out in January. Looking to offering a shirt in variety sizes and colors with the SRCA logo to District Representatives and Officers.

Schools – Barber reported: See Page 20 in the Newsletter. SRCA Dingeman Scholarship interviewed 15 applicants. 15 ladies and 1 male. Three were selected and each will receive $1,000. Presented at awards banquet in May.

MCAS Dorothy Mildice provided a written report on MCAS

SR Sustainable – Plutner reported:

Garden Share will be Saturday, December 12th from 3-4:00 pm

No Lecture in December

SSR will be featured in the 92131 edition for January/February.

West Sycamore will have their monthly hike on Sunday, December 13th at 8:00 am.

West Sycamore will have a work crew on Sunday, January 34d 8:00 am and meeting at the end of Stonebridge Parkway.

Recognition Night – Petrucci reported: Currently at the 90 day mark. E-mail went out to all the Board. Looking for folks to get their nominations submitted. Deadline is February 23rd for nominations. Event April 5th in Library and needs volunteers.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

MAD approved the 2017 budget $1.7M for landscape and park maintenance. This includes a one-time allocation of $165,000 finish Evans Pond recycled water pipe. Currently assessment at maximum at $163 per unit for MAD assessment. Increase would require vote of residents.

Glen at SR – voted to recommend approval of the project. It goes before City Council December 15th. No opposition at Planning Commission and believe it will be approved. Will build it all at once not in phases.

Chabad has begun grading for first of their dorms.

Sudberry on Carroll Canyon and I-15 replacement project after shopping center project withdrawn. Looking to get draft EIR in February. The new proposed project is for apartment buildings (260 units) and retail shops/restaurants (12,000-15,000 sq. ft.) Still required do a median and new entrance to site with traffic signal.

Voted to oppose increase in traffic from 35 to 40 mph on Carroll Canyon Road between I-15 and Scripps Ranch Blvd.

Heard proposal for Lot 12 of Business Park for senior living project. Currently owned by Mormon Church. Current zoning is prime industrial and proposed 2 story building (81 units) would require rezoning. Oakmont Senior Living is developer.

Both planning groups have elections in March. 10 seats open. 2 seats reserved for Stonebridge due to bylaw change.

Library parking lot, Murphy involved or go may go back to the City take over.

MRNPC – Burley reported:

MAD determined no new increase was required for 2017 year.

Med Impact -Committee reviewed a request of a revised zoning overlay to rezone .95 acres of Med Impact from CR-2-1 to IIP-2-1. Essentially a land swap. Request was to move driveway access for the pending building 2. Whole Foods still a confirmed anchor tenant for the project and will be located where the Christmas Tree lot is located.

SD Unified School District – Had a presentation by Midiori Wong about the proposed project at current location of Charter School.

Long Term Planning – Peranich reported:

Committee moving ahead with plans to conduct face-to-face surveys of residents of the 92131 zip code. Plan is set up tables/booths in high foot traffic areas. Purpose is:

· Determine whether current SRCA actions are relevant to SR residents

· Determine what new actions SRCA can take to become more relevant

· Very lightly market SRCA to residents

Plan to start this in mid-January and continue over the course of 4-6 weeks. First event at Farmer’s Market.

Tree Lighting – Dingeman wanted to remind everyone event is December 13th at Jerabek Park.

Motion by Lichtenstein and seconded Clark to adjourn meeting.

Jany Staley