December 11, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room


  1. WELCOME:         Call to order at 7:04
  2. Roll Call:   16 Members Present.
  3. Modifications to the Agenda
  4. Non-Agenda Public Comment
  2. San Diego City Council (Councilmember Kersey) Q. Grounds Quinton: spare toys drive for enlisted military.       Road contracts: sunset ridge      Grape valley, arboretum are next.   Next year, Scripps Poway pkwy.     Fairbrook Park:   pushed back, allocated $3600 to cover cost increase due to delay.    
  3. County of San Diego (Supervisor Gaspar) D. Steiner
  1. CA State Assembly (Assemblyman Maienschein) R. Knudsen   Assemblymember Brian Maeinschein:   presentation to Pazzo’s Pizza for serving this community for so long.   25th anniversary.    
  1. U.S. Congress (Congressman Peters) E. Magee:   new funding for mid-coast rail project. Will save SANDAG 25M.   New bill to control bid-swapping in federal contracts.   Bill will be reintroduced next congress.   Clsode 25th thru Jan 1st.

Congressman Peters attended Japan conference on trade – beneficial to San Diego industries, particularly biotech.

  1. San Diego Police Department Officer C. Santos:   Christina Santos:   November strats: 1 stolen vehicle, 9 vehicle breakins, only 1 residential breakin.

5 commercial burglaries. Chez Nous and Subway ,   Baker electric, Scripps Ranch Kindercare., Solterrea leasing office.

  1. San Diego City Attorney (City Attorney Mara Elliott) DCA A. M. Council.   Anne-Marie Council:   Criminal   and   Civil divisions of City Attorney’s office. Criminal division also works on restitution for victims.   Dedicated to protecting citizens of San Diego.   Big threat this season is theft and opportunistic burglary e.g. from vehicles.
  1. Planning Groups (SRPG and MRNPC) Wulfeck and Abella-Shon.   Wulfeck report on the Planning Group.     Ilko discussed community working meeting on south of Pomerado.   Would like joint SRCA SRPG meeting.     Escrow closes Dec 27.
  1. MCAS Leaders Forum D. Mildice. NP
  1. BRM Report M. Wohlfarth.   : 4 new advertisers.   158 new contacts.   Email blast,     where do SR folks buy cars?       Need everyone talking about the newsletter.         Hit WD40, Navy Federal, etc:           need to advertise in newsletrter because it is integral to community.     Working Thursdays here in Scripps Ranch.


  1. Approval of November 13, 2018 Minutes:   Approved 14-0-2. Add third attachment from D. Engler (Committee Membership).
  2. Appointment of Qualified Residents to SRCA Board Vacancies.   All the following may be candidates if they attend two meetings.

Lane Vance: Resident of Scripps Highlands, Neighborhood Watch, Newsletter,  

Beca & Michael   Tomcho       Co-District Reps.     Red Cedar cull de sac

Livia Le Local Realtor, 3 children, Chair Asian American board of realtors.       Possible volunteer coordinator.

Tina Hunter, & Jeff,   Chef and own company         Retired CPO Navy

Joanne Leo,   Scripps Ranch Resident.

Thanks for volunteering.    

  1. Appointment to Budget Advisory Group:   candidates:   Paul Lichtenstein,   Gwen Bandt.        Motion to appoint both to expand membership to 6:     unanimous.
  1. Contact Relationship Management System:   Contact Relationship Management System:   Todd solicited. 5 companies will propose.       Will cost about $4000 per year license..        Questions about Migration (import from Constant Contact) and continuing maintenance of data (allows multiple users.   Need membership committee to do most of the work.)     Fees are normally based on number of records. Some have migration cost.      Still in investigation stage.     Constant contact requires prepay for year, expires in February, or month to month.

Don’t need motion yet.   More info next month.           Candidates integrate with quickbooks, allow reconciliation with bank statements..     Question: can we use our own tools to access the data. SQL???

  1. 2018-19 Budget:   Budget Advisory Group reviewed and recommended a budget.   Hasn’t been

distributed. Newsletter issues may change.   Some revenue not yet estimated.   Most of budget is extension from last year.     Some projects new, e.g.: country-living license plate frames.     Motion to continue for another 2 months, then vote on budget at January meeting.   All aye except one abstain. 15 0 1 .  

  2. SRCA President’s Report Ilko
  3. Volunteer Outreach Coordinator

Jerabek Park $1000 Reward

$1000 reward from the SRCA for information that leads to the arrest of the person(s) who damaged Jerabek Park on or about December 8th.  Someone purposefully drove a truck on the grass turf ruin the grass and break 21 sprinkler heads causing thousands of dollars in damage.  The grass and sprinklers must be replaced by hand and given time to re-establish, so the fields will be closed for some time.  Old Pros have softball and SR Soccer are in their season.  If you have any information, contact us at [email protected]. Funding to repair comes from SR Maintenance Assessment District; not the city so it impacts our ability to maintain our parks and open space. Motion to authorize the $1000 reward. 15 0 1 pass.  

SRCA 2019 Membership Drive

Part of what makes SR unique is the great people who put in the time, effort and finances to keep our community special. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful place to live, work and play.  A lot of volunteer work happens behind the scenes to ensure our water is crystal clear, our parks are plush green, and asphalt black smooth.  The SRCA goes much beyond that in advocating for the needs of the community.  


One of the biggest challenges to everyone’s last nerve was the SDGE construction of the electric transmission line in Stonebridge and down Pomerado Road for two aggravating years.  Many hours and hundreds of emails were spent answering every resident’s questions and concerns.  The SRCA inserted itself into the project to get a seat at preverbal table with SDGE and the city.  By developing relationships with SDGE and the city, we were able to reduce some of the negative project impacts.  SDGE made changes at their expense to accommodate the community. 

Fairbrook Park

This year we assembled a diverse group of residents and organizations to collaboratively design the next new park in SR on Fairbrook Road on the south side of Pomerado.  Fairbrook Park concept began in 1998 and we hope to see construction begin no later than January 2020.  A majority of the delay has been SDUSD not selling the property, the developer wanting to finish their 17 homes before we can build the park. The city has some responsibility for the delay too by allowing the developer to put a bioswale in the park which is adding costs to the park construction.  Our dedication and resolve to getting this park are unwavering.   

SRCA’s Impact

Part of the SRCA’s mission is to bring information to the community as much as provide our elected officials information about what the community wants. We have as we have for every development proposal is to spend valuable newsletter space to bring in depth details about all development proposals.  In the past couple years, we were on the front of The Watermark Shopping Center, Monarch-Innovations Academy apartments, The Glen SR, Chabad Life Long Learning development, Carroll Canyon Road development, the Renzulli property housing proposal, and now potentially KB Homes proposal for the AIU property.  While we want to ‘win’ every fight, we want to make sure that if a decision is made that it is a well-reasoned and well-informed decision. 

For the SRCA to continue serving the community, we need your financial help. Please be an annual member of the SRCA.  Go to www.scrippsranch.org/join to pay by credit card or send a check.  We all love SR and we can’t do it without your support.

SRHS Scholarships

Col. Bob Dingeman, Mr. Scripps Ranch, has been the long-time advocate for community volunteerism.  How can we instill that drive in young?  One way is by being a good example for others to follow.  We have two inspiring SRHS Seniors who are being awarded the Col. Dingeman-SRCA $1500 Scholarships for their work in our community.  

Ashwin Kumar said in his essay, “My hundreds of hours of community service here all have one goal – to make a difference.”  Haley Nguyen wrote “I volunteer for several causes, however, serving my library is my greatest love.”  This is a testimonial to the values of family, community and service to others.  Congratulations to Ashwin and Haley! 

SR Volunteer Recognition Nominations

The SRCA hosts volunteer recognition night to salute all the hard work by residents doing volunteer work in Scripps Ranch.  If you know someone you like to be recognized, please submit their name to http://www.scrippsranch.org/committees/recognition-night.  

  1. Operations Oversight Advisory Group:   Chair Phillips reported on first meeting.
  2. Budget Advisory Group:   See Above.

Adjourn at 8:43.

  2. State of the SRCA All
  3. Communication

Discussion of BRM   Motion to extend another 6 months Pass 13 2 1

Social media: Discussion of what media to invest in.

Adjourn at 9:33.