Scripps Ranch Soccer Club Policymaking

“The Greatest Good to the Greatest Number?”

As residents and parents in Scripps Ranch we are disappointed with the manner in which the Scripps Ranch Soccer Club handled a sensitive incident this year.

The incident in question regarded opposing coaches’ conduct during a recent game. The conduct stemmed from an unfortunate altercation between one of the coaches and the grandfather of an opposing player,(also father of the opposing coach). As a result, the opposing coach/father was compelled to defend his family. The Soccer Club investigated, deciding that it was best to indefinitely suspending both coaches.

In a meeting with the parents of our girls team, the Blue Dolphins, (also coached by the defending coach/father), representatives of the Club expressed grief over their resolution and wished to avoid a lose-lose situation. We all agreed that the common denominator for decision and action should be based on what is best for the kids. It is our feeling that the Board’s decision to eliminate the individuals from the league only made a bad situation worse.

Youth sports accomplishes many things for our children, the highest mission of youth sports can be its ability to be a metaphor for life. With proper guidance and demonstration from all levels, we have the opportunity to teach our children teamwork, sportsmanship, humility, and grace. During our meeting, a proposal was presented that could not only erase the weight of the matter, but give us the opportunity to exit from the issue ahead of where we started. We proposed that the coaches jointly address their players to heal the situation; to role model that maturity means honesty, the ability to admit your mistakes, make amends, learn from the problem, pass the lesson on, put it behind you, and get on with the game.

Nevertheless, the board chose to stay with their original decision, which is in direct conflict with their stated feelings, codes, and mission.

Our kids follow our lead as parents, what we hold on to, they will also. We have an obligation to instill as much virtue into them while we have the chance. It is especially important at this time in our lives to show our children that the result of conflict can be a greater understanding of ourselves, and of others.

We ask that the Soccer Club re-examine their codes of conduct.

Rancho Encantada Lawsuit Settled – – Action Pending by the “Big 5”

SOCiaL to Continue to Address Other Important Community Issues

In my lawsuit against Rancho Encantada and the City, I have accepted a settlement. The important terms of the settlement for the community are outlined below. The Rancho Encantada project will be allowed to build. The hopeful good news is, we still have the opportunity to reduce community traffic impacts, to the same degree as if the project had been scaled way back. And, we have the opportunity to have the City of San Diego make structural changes to the way it considers, and analyzes, development, city-wide.

Some of you may be disappointed about this settlement. Please do, however, review the details below; and, please do not give up on being involved for our, your, community. The community group Save Our County Living (“SOCiaL”) which sprang up around the lawsuit is going to continue to pursue additional pending issues drastically important to the community.

Why a settlement? As the sole plantiff responsible, I committed several tens of thousands of dollars. Not being independently wealthy, this was a considerable sacrifice. I weighed this against the possibilities and probabilities of prevailing in court. If I had lost the suit, my family personally would have been responsible not only for costs on the plaintiff’s side, but a possible award of defendants’ costs as well. How many can afford to bet their family’s security on the uncertain outcomes of the legal process?

My motives for settlement were not just personal, however. My attorneys and some advisors tell me that the terms agreed to below should be considered a victory. I truly hope so, for the community’s sake. The good of the community has been my only motive in pursuing this action.

Craig Jones

[Editor’s Note: Due to space limitations, we are unable to print the settlement terms here. Please see the SRCA website for a complete report.]