Joint 4-acre Parcel Subcommittee

This group, composed of members of both Planning Committees (SRPG and MRNPC), SRCA and the SR Rec Council has met four times to discuss the future use of the 4-acre parcel located at the west end of the Scripps Ranch Village Marketplace. At the first meeting, representatives discussed possible options with a representative from the City Park and Recreation Dept., then “brainstormed” to create two lists: (1) Long-term use of the site, and (2) Short-term (interim) use of the site.

At the second meeting, held October 16, representatives worked on preparing a set of guidelines to use in determining the best way to approach this project. The principals we outlined include: it should be used to serve families; it needs a major operator; it should not duplicate the SR Recreation Center; and it should be compatible with the template of the site and be compatible with the MRN community plan. We also spent considerable time shortening the two lists to a more manageable size, keeping in mind the recreational needs of the community.

At the third meeting, Brian Maienschein, our District 5 City Council Representative, provided information regarding the feasibility of a YMCA facility on the 4-acre parcel. The Joint Subcommittee was told there is a high level of interest between the YMCA and the City of San Diego. It appears the City would be interested in helping get the project started at the outset, which may include program studies and architectural drawings. The YMCA has indicated they would be willing to manage and maintain any interim uses of the property, and also may be able to financially support the project at the back end of the fundraising effort.

The fourth meeting centered largely around how best to determine how the community overall would like to see the parcel used. This survey is the result of that meeting. We are still in the information-gathering phase, want to inform our Scripps Ranch residents what the committee is doing, and we also want to ask for your input. Because we are still examining the feasibility of the items that appear on the lists below, we do not want to give you the impression that this is what you will see constructed on the site. However, we would like to know what interests you most?

The list of potential Long-Term Uses of the 4-acre Parcel is as follows:

1. Multi-purpose Recreational Facility (ex. YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)

2. Swimming pool

3. Tennis Courts

4. Any use from the list of “short-term” uses

Short-Term (possibly interim) Uses:

1. Playing fields (soccer, baseball, football, etc.)

2. Wood-framed (flexible) skateboard park

3. Community garden

4. Indoor soccer park

5. Multi-use hard surface courts (volleyball, basketball, roller hockey, etc.)

We will be collecting input in a variety of forms. You can complete the survey on the SRCA website by going to, and following the directions to the 4-ac. Parcel survey. If you don’t want to fill out a survey on the web, you can also fill out the survey printed below and mail it to: Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) 9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd., Box 317, San Diego, CA 92131. Or, you can fill out the survey by hand and personally take it to the Scripps Ranch Library or Scripps Ranch Information Center. Because we are on a relatively short time frame, we need your input by Jan. 15.