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Carroll Canyon“Big Box” Project Opposition

In a meeting facilitated by the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA), several concerned Scripps Ranch residents met with Bill Fulton, the city planning director at the time, and members of his staff. We expressed our concern with the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) as well as our strong opposition to rezoning a portion of our Scripps Ranch Business Park for a possible “big box” store. We were surprised to learn that Mr. Fulton was not aware of the extensive community opposition to the proposed rezoning on Carroll Canyon Road.

Also, many concerned residents attended the “Meet the Mayor” discussion at the SRCA Community Center in April. We articulated—repeatedly—our opposition to the big box development. While these efforts are important, they are not enough.

We recommend each resident reach out to our council member, Mark Kersey, at [[email protected]] and let him know we oppose rezoning a portion of the Scripps Ranch Business Park. In addition, visit Save Our Scripps Ranch (SOSRanch) at [www.sosranch.us].

The site contains information on the potential “big box” proposal, a petition of which the email goes to all nine San Diego council members, and a link to request a No Rezone yard sign. Finally, both the SRCA and Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) offer us great avenues for staying informed and expressing our opposition to this incompatible development.

Longtime Scripps Ranch resident Vic Landa sent the email below to Councilmember Mark Kersey.

Jenny Marshall, SOSRanch

No to “Big Box”

Councilmember Kersey,

In 1969 I was one of the first 100 homeowners in Mira Mesa. During the next four years I saw, as a resident, the massive growth that occurred there without community input. The results are easy to see.

In 1974 I began looking for a new community and looked at homes throughout the city from Point Loma to University City to Kensington to Scripps Ranch. These were all communities that were well planned and showed it. Scripps Ranch was new and the community involvement was tremendous. I moved my family here and I have lived here ever since.

I became involved in the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) as a district representative and treasurer, and prior to the formation of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) was involved in the early drafts of the Scripps Ranch Community Plan. Significant community involvement went into the land-use decisions.

The business park was unique in its topography and vegetation, and our council member at the time worked with us to define a business park that would attract professional organizations such as Bank of America, Motorola, NCR, and PSA. The business park remains a very special place because the of Community Plan.

As you are aware there is now a request to rezone the former PSA property for large-scale retail. Such use was specifically rejected in the consideration of the Community Plan as there was and is more than adequate large-scale retail available just across the freeway in Mira Mesa. Such large-scale retail will change the character of the business park and will set a precedent that others will cite in future requests for rezoning of other parcels within the business park.

The community is willing and eager to work with the developer to find an appropriate use for the PSA property that is consistent with the Community Plan. The other property owners have a right to expect that the community and the city of San Diego will protect their investment. I hope in your consideration of the rezoning request and the deliberations that you make before your final decision that you will consider the value the business park represents to the city of San Diego and the residents of Scripps Ranch.

I am a life-long resident of the city of San Diego. Sincerely,

Vic Landa, SR Resident

Coyote Warning

For awhile we have been experiencing visits from a coyote to the city’s water tank site on Meanley Drive in the early evenings. For the most part our dogs have successfully “told” the animal to go away. However, I was there on a morning in early August with a 17-pound terrier. We played for a bit before my dog decided to go hunting in the bushes.

You guessed it. My dog shot out of the bushes with his tail between his legs and hid behind me as I faced a beautiful, young, sleek, and unhappy-to-be-awoken-in-this-manner coyote. It proceeded to escort us to our car and stood in the driveway to make sure we didn’t return.

I called the County’s Wild Life Services and left a message saying it was one thing to have coyotes visit, but it’s another thing to have a coyote living there. If you have incidents to report regarding wildlife, the number is 800-486-0010.

Sally Johnson, SR Resident