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The Glen at Scripps Ranch

I have lived in Scripps Ranch—Whispering Ridge—for 30 years. During this time I have watched the development of Crown Pointe, Chantemar, Loire Valley, The Arbors, which was supposed to be a bird sanctuary, and all the other developments. This does not include StoneBridge Estates, which is nearly 1,000 homes.

All these developments empty onto Pomerado Road and, therein, lies the cause of the intolerable morning and evening traffic jams. Pomerado Road is in constant need of repair, and it is certainly not anything to be proud of as a main artery into Scripps Ranch. All the trees along the side are either dead or diseased and that whole three miles should be cleaned up, big time.

The development of The Glen senior living community will have zero impact on traffic on Pomerado Road. Residents will be retired, and many will use transportation supplied by The Glen. Also, there will be zero impact on schools.

If anything, The Glen will have a very good impact on local shopping centers. Many of the people who have signed up to live in this senior community already live in Scripps Ranch. They do not want to support any development that will have any kind of negative effect on the Ranch.

I think this development will greatly improve the undeveloped “forest” area south of Pomerado, which desperately needs cleaning up. As far as the clogged up, debris-filled “Carroll Creek” is concerned, it too needs a major cleanup.

I have never heard of the group the Resident for the Rational Use of Alliant Site (RRUAS) and they certainly do not speak for me. I fully support this project.

Richard Slattery, SR Resident

[Editor’s note: We asked the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) to address the issue of “dead or diseased” trees. Here is their response: The SRPG is very concerned about the significant fire hazards associated with the overgrowth on Pomerado Road. We must ensure a safe evacuation route for Scripps Ranch, Poway, and Ramona. The solution is difficult due to overlapping jurisdictions. Some of the land is private property and some city-owned. Further, the creek on the south side of Pomerado is a federal wetland with significant ecological protections.

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association, SRPG, Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council, and our elected officials are all aware of the fire danger along Pomerado. We are working to see if an effective agreement can be reached. Let your elected officials know of your concerns.]