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Leash Your Dogs

I am so angry that I can’t stop shaking. I just had to pepper spray an unleashed dog multiple times to prevent it from biting me and my dog on our walk tonight. The other dog was unleashed and ran across the street, past four houses at full speed, growling and snapping at me and trying to bite. The dog’s owners had no idea what to do, so they just stood there and watched.

This was the second attack by an unleashed dog on me in the last two weeks. I. Am. Over. It. Both attacks were completely unprovoked and 100% preventable had the other dogs been restrained. Leashes are an important safety tool and the time has come for everyone to use one. Dog fights happen in seconds and you can never predict that your dog won’t start one—even if your dog is “friendly.”

In the first attack a dog raced out from the owner’s garage and attacked my leashed dog, biting his neck and shoulder. My dog was on my left side and the house was on my right. We were walking near the middle of the street. I never saw the dog until it was on top of mine, and there was nothing I could do. What if it was a child? Are we waiting for a horrible situation before people follow the law?

Every day I see unleashed dogs in Chantemar, Loire Valley, and the surrounding neighborhoods where I walk. Far too many of you are willing to play Russian roulette with other people’s safety.

Fact—San Diego has a leash law.

Fact—One third of all homeowner’s insurance claims are for dog bites.

Leashes help keep dogs friendly and people safe. Follow the law. It could save you money in vet bills and legal fees.

Scripps Ranch Resident