Police Ticketing

I’ve noticed many motorcycle police giving out numerous tickets for what seems like an trivial thing–not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. I haven’t gotten a ticket, but I have watched police ticket one car after another, for example at the intersection of Sunset Ridge and Scripps Lake Drives.

I often see them in the morning, when they can ticket almost every car. These tickets are going to some of our most productive people in society–people going to work in the morning. While legally, cars are supposed to stop completely at stop signs, I’ve watched the trivial nature of this as people don’t quite stop and get ticketed.

One can’t help but suspect that this ticketing is to generate huge amounts of revenue for the police department very quickly. If we want our police to help us on important issues, perhaps ticketing people who routinely speed down our residential streets would do a lot to actually improve safety. Of course, they would likely give out fewer tickets going after speeders or other more important issues. So, the financial motivation isn’t as much as pulling over nearly every car at a "ticket station" set up at a quiet morning intersection.

Aren’t our police supposed to be on the taxpayers’ payroll to assist us with improving safety in our community? I hope the police aren’t coming to Scripps Ranch just to ring their cash register.

I find it hard to believe that ticketing responsible, hard-working people for not coming to an absolute complete stop is doing much to help our community’s safety. If anything, it may be antagonizing the relationship between our residents and their police, which isn’t in anyone’s interest.

Build a Dog Park

Dogs running loose in Scripps Ranch is an ongoing issue in our neighborhood, as others have stated in the Newsletter. Residents need to be free from dogs approaching them and not have to deal with the "messes" the dogs make. The dogs need a safe place to exercise off-leash.

It seems to me that the logical answer is to have a fenced, off-leash dog park, like in Poway. This would benefit everybody by keeping the dogs in a specific area, where only those who chose to interact with dogs would have to.

Friends and I have been collecting signatures in support of this. We also have been in contact with the City parks department. I think it is an obtainable goal. If you are interested in helping us make this a reality, please contact me at [[email protected]].

Robin Russel