Responses to our April Fool’s Day Cover

Why We Did It …

I was devastated when I saw the cover of the April issue of the Newsletter, until I caught on to the April 1st twist, that is. The fact that the majority of Scripps Ranch families have not yet contributed financially to the important tasks that SRCA sponsors is indeed discouraging. Nevertheless, the Newsletter remains a key element in community building in Scripps Ranch, and hopefully we will never really see the “last issue” predicted in the last cover.

Scripps Ranch is unique in its strong community spirit, and the Newsletter is no small part of this sentiment. In fact, by keeping Ranch residents informed about community events and thus encouraging broad participation, the Newsletter is the very heart of our community’s strong links. May the Newsletter–and the SCRA–thrive!

On another issue, I noted the comments about the “memorials” on the Ranch. I drive daily by the intersection of Avenida Magnifica and Pomerado Road, and the plantings and other mementos recalling the tragedy that took place there never fail to remind me of the devastation that careless driving can cause–and not only drunk driving, but also excessive speed, driving while angry, driving while talking on the phone, even driving while applying makeup.

One driver’s moment of carelessness can tear a family apart forever. I think these are reminders we all need.

Ed: Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful letter. We appreciate your support a great deal! Glad you caught that it was an April Fool’s joke…many didn’t!

I personally agree completely with your thoughts on roadside memorials; I feel strongly they are an excellent reminder of the importance of safety. Unfortunately, many people seem to disagree with us! I guess that’s what makes the world go ’round!

Another Side …

In reading your letter in the April issue of the SCRA Newsletter, I was surprised to learn that the SCRA has a membership of 1,400 families out of 10,000 homes in Scripps Ranch. However, my surprise was for the opposite reason as yours. To get 14% of an entire community to pay $20 to join a civic organization should be considered a fantastic success.

Instead of asking people what you are doing wrong, you should pat yourself on the back for a job well done. However, your fatalistic cover message was a bit strange and insulting. What are you expecting? Everyone in Scripps Ranch to join the SRCA? 50% of the people? A third maybe? If so, you are living in fantasyland. You should be thrilled to get 14%. The fact that your “close” rate is so high indicates that you could probably afford to increase your dues a bit.

Although I enjoy your Newsletter, I have not joined the SRCA because I have many other things in my life that I consider more important, as do 86% of the folks in Scripps Ranch (apparently). Do not be offended by this. The fact that 14% of the families in Scripps Ranch consider the SRCA worthy of $20 is a feat that most organizations like yours would be very proud of.

Good Luck…

Ed: Our concern was simply that last year at this time we had slightly fewer residents, but 2,500 SRCA members (about 25% rate), and historically we have had as many as 50%. We are simply looking for answers as to how we can better serve the needs of our community, and making sure that we currently are.

Removed at request of writer. 

Ed: Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I know your situation well…been there not so very long ago. Enjoy your family and enjoy the Newsletter. I’m sure that once your kids get into school you’ll find yourselves more involved in community-wide events–we sure did!

Reality Check

Thank you to all of you who respond with your thoughts and ideas on these topics and others. This feedback is crucial for the SRCA Executive Board to understand the residents and represent them well. The responses carry considerable weight, more than you might expect. So keep them coming–good, bad, whatever.

We like to think we have a pretty good pulse of the Ranch, and what you are concerned about. But every so often we need a reality check. Thank you.