Stop at

Stop Signs

I read with interest the Dialogue entitled "Police Ticketing" in the April Newsletter. Dr. Weber expresses his concern about police giving out tickets for "trivial" moving violations, like "not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign." As an emergency physician, and the husband of a woman who was struck by a car rolling through a stop sign, I have repeatedly experienced firsthand how non-"trivial" not coming to a complete stop can be.

I agree with Dr. Weber that I would like to see increased monitoring of our residential streets for people speeding. As the father of two small children, I would be just as devastated if either were injured or killed.

For those in the community who choose to bend or break these laws, consider this: How would you tell the parents that you just ran over their child because you were rolling through a stop sign, looking left, rolling right and never saw the child step off the curb. This is not a hypothetical; it is reality. Please drive safely.

Gary M. Vilke, M.D.


I, too, have seen the police at Sunset Ridge and Scripps Lake Drives, and I thank them. You can be sure every one of those people ticketed was driving more than 25 miles per hour, the posted speed limit on both streets. If they were in such a hurry not to come to a complete stop at the stop sign with a San Diego police officer in the vicinity, then I assure you they were not careful enough to stay within the speed limit.

Through the years, I have known several people affected by this type of carelessness. One was a youngster killed on a bicycle in front of his house in a quiet neighborhood.

Closest to me was my mother. We were on a Sunday drive, stopped at a traffic light, and an inattentive driver in oncoming traffic didn’t see the light until it was too late. My mom died. I was seven years old.

Accidents like these happen in a flash. Once it happens, there is no undoing it. People, please slow down and be careful. Try driving the speed limit, and when you come to a stop sign, stop, count to three, and then go. You won’t get a ticket and we all will be safer.

Gail Tauscher


[Ed note: Similar concerns were voiced in submissions by Becca Schult, Jim Likes, J. V. Paffhausen, Kim Paton, and William Hall.]