Response to Dialogue Regarding Fight at Jerabek

Our community should be feel confident that the staff and faculty at the various SR schools are doing their best to create a safe, secure, bully-free environment for the law abiding students ON campus.

However…what are the PARENTS of the students(50-100!!!) who were in the park for the fight going to do to assure the rest of us that the community is safe? Why are these students unsupervised? Where are the legal guardians of the attackers? Why were charges not pressed? Why was the incident kept out of the newspapers? Some parents protect their children from the consequences of their anti-social and illegal behavior. Hence, a population of future leaders without the ingrained sense of Cause and Effect. Know where your child is before and after school. Know who he or she is with at all times. Hold your child accountable for bad choices and behavior. Be a good role model.

Make Schools Smaller!

After attending numerous school related meetings, from Task Force meetings to Community Forums, we need to address the overcrowding situation in Scripps Ranch with a new concept. We should focus our energy on creating the best possible educational environment for our children. Perhaps we need to examine WHAT IS A RIGHT-SIZED SCHOOL? A recent editorial from the San Diego Union-Tribune, dated April 6, 2001, stressed the importance of school size. We don’t need monstrous sized schools where children can slip though the cracks. Research shows that smaller schools provide a better academic environment for learning, and there are fewer behavioral problems and incidents of school violence. Another article relating to school size from Business Week/March 19, 2001 also favors creating smaller schools. Allowing more time to slip by before a realistic situation is in place is far too great in terms of the educational expense for our children.

Currently the San Diego Unified School District owns property on Fairbrook Road. There have been errors in getting factual information out about this property, but here are some truths. The Fairbrook parcel is approximately 12 gross acres. The correct useable acreage at this location is approximately 9 acres. The usable acreage is more than Dingeman campus, more than the Marshall Middle School site therefore lending itself to more than one option. This property can address our overcrowding situation and provide us with an educational opportunity. Small neighborhood schools are better prepared to meet the educational needs of our children.

The new school on the Fairbrook site could be one of several options. The location of the Fairbrook property would meet the California Safe Routes to School Bill which is dedicating $40 million to make communities more walkable. The purpose is to fund sidewalks, bike lanes, crossing improvements to walk to school. Many parents of school aged children, who live south of Pomerado favor a school within walking distance.

What we need is an immediate solution to the current overcrowding situation. Yes, the district claims it is working on this situation, but so far, the efforts have not proved effective. The solutions have divided our community and pitted schools against each other. The primary mistake the district is making is in wasting the taxpayers dollars by identifying, studying and preparing reports on potential sites when the district currently owns a large, usable parcel to build a permanent school for our community.

That’s our opinion, what do you think?

Man’s Best Friend

As an owner of two dogs, I know how much enjoyment and companionship you can derive from their friendship. The owner/dog relationship has many of the same aspects of a parent/child. The owner must feed clean and teach his/her dog some basic rules.

We can teach our children to clean up their room or pick up their toys, but we can’t teach our dogs to clean up their own “poop”. That means as responsible owners we must pick up after our dogs when we take them for walks.

Aa large portion of Scripps dog owners do pick up after their dogs. However those owners that are not being responsible are polluting our hiking trails, open spaces, schools and parks. We all need to help with this. If you are a dog owner, please pick up the dog mess. If you see someone not acting responsible, please ask them nicely to clean up their dogs’ “poop”.

Additionally there is a state law that requires all dogs to be on a leash when not in their yard. It does not matter if a dog is well behaved. The law was developed to protect dogs from other dogs. dogs from people who are afraid of dogs or don’t want to be bothered by them and to keep them off private property.

I ask all animal lovers, let’s do our part to keep Scripps Ranch a place where dogs are welcome by keeping them on a leash when taking a walk and cleaning up their messes.

Scripps Ranch Dog Park?

I have just read the article about dogs being off-leash in our parks. This seems to be a recurrent issue. I have suggested before that we get an off-leash park, like the one Poway has. It would help solve our issue, with minimal expense. I have also been in contact with Brian Maienschein’s office about this. I spoke with Clint Carney 619-236-7150, he says Brain is in favor of this. Possible locations could be the Scripps Gateway lot, or any other park. I am very willing to help make this happen! What can I do?

Response to Roadside Tribute Dialogue

I would like to respond to an article in your newsletter by Mr. Dingeman, regarding roadside tributes to people who have died.

Increased complexity and rigidity via committees, plans and burdensome cost structure funded by people who can spend their time and skills better elsewhere, is inappropriate.

I apologize for being blunt, but this solution strikes me as political spam at best.

These roadside memorials already accomplish their purpose elegantly without adjustment.

We don’t define wreath laying at gravesites bordered by a wrought iron fence and blessed by City zoning because people use good judgement. Why do we question the judgement and wreaths placed by families and friends of lost ones, who know best what an appropriate expression of love and grief are, when there are only curbs and asphalt for borders? Do we need the City’s blessing? I think not. Why do people visit Gettysburg? Its not because that’s where they were buried. You don’t go there to feel good…you go there to remember.

These sites will evolve naturally someday. Lets keep it simple. I believe its better that someday is not defined. Roadside memorials should not become an “institution” or be regulated. We have enough definition in our lives, IMHO. They can take a natural course without costly management. If someone is concerned of their appearance or the community look and feel, then maybe a quick trip to Nurseryland and a trowel would be a good investment versus an hour in a nice church that Sunday. Ask your children what they think makes sense.

Having possibilities and outcomes defined (how long memorials should be in place, who should maintain them, etc.) will lead to grieving families filling out forms to define how, when, where, etc., they want their loved ones remembered, so their loss can be translated into budgets, plans and committee meeting agendas, all over the country. That’s a pretty awful result if you ask me.

Having possibilities and outcomes undefined is a better path for freedom of expression by those who know what expressions mean most to them. I believe we have enough structure, and need to protect the freedom for families and friends to do as they please without checklists, infrastructure or generic memorials to define and control the grieving process.