Be a Good Neighbor

Scripps Ranch residents enjoy many green belts between houses. For those walking in those areas, it is important to remember that folks living near these open spaces need common courtesy.

Golfers soon learn that it is discourteous to stare into someone’s backyard and home while playing golf. This should be true for residents walking on trails in Scripps Ranch. I live on a green belt and many times I endure curious hikers staring into my backyard.

Also, neighbors hold conversations at my back fence for long periods of time. These conversations are fun for them but create a bark fest for my pooches.

A rule that is broken continuously is the leash law. I agree that it is a true pleasure to allow a dog to run free. However, it can be dangerous when someone surprises a dog around a bush. The dog is too far away for the owner to control. So, please be a good neighbor. And, be courteous and obey the current leash law.

Rhonda Norton

Missing American Flag

August 12, 7:30 pm. I went outside to water the plants and dust away the cobwebs from the garage light under my 3 x 5 American flag only to find it had been taken down. I live on Caminito Memosac in the Grove condos. I have displayed the flag continuously since September 11 to show my support for our country, New York City, and all the service activity since then.

To me, I remember two things about that flag. One was its sight as I turned onto Caminito Memosac. Secondly, it helped me deal with the pain I have felt because of September 11, and reminded me of my family’s pain and concern for me when I was in harms way 30 years ago, in another place far away from home and at war.

What hurts me deeply now is the breaking of respect and trust. I am saddened that whoever took the flag could not let it stay a symbol of our trust of our lives today and our lives in the future.

I will replace the flag tomorrow because I want to believe in a better life tomorrow. But, it will take time to respect the one person who could have asked me to have the flag as his or her own. I miss my flag.

Specialist Fourth Class, U.S. Army Infantry, 1-52/198, Americal Division