Scripps Ranch Appreciates Maienschein’s Efforts

In the short eight months since 5th District Councilmember Maienschein has taken office, he has successfully resolved two major longstanding issues between Scripps Ranch and Shea Homes. On Aug. 7, Shea received approval for their redesigned commercial center at the northeast corner of I-15 and Scripps Poway Parkway. In a separate action, the City of San Diego has acquired a disputed 4-acre parcel of land from Shea Properties, to be designated as parkland for the Scripps Ranch community.

When Shea Homes originally received the green light for their Scripps Gateway Project from the City of San Diego in 1998, several future individual project approvals were still needed. One such approval was for the commercial project, the Scripps Gateway Freeway Commercial Center. After considerable review, the City’s Planning Commission in December of 2000 denied approval of this project. The project was subsequently also denied approval by the San Diego City Council on February 13, 2001, largely on the basis the project did not conform to the design guidelines contained in the Miramar Ranch North Community Plan.

In the months since the project’s denial, Shea redesigned critical portions of their commercial project. At the urging of Councilmember Maienschein, Shea met with the Miramar Ranch North Community Planning Committee (MRNPC) and worked out the details of the final revised plans.

Councilmember Maienschein was also able to bring about a resolution to a long-standing dispute over a 4-acre parcel of land designated as Commercial-Recreation by the 1998 Scripps Gateway project approval agreement. Shea had promised to reserve the land for a user who would construct a family-oriented recreational facility for the community. After two attempts by Shea to sell the parcel to adult-oriented fitness clubs, the community and developer had reached a stalemate. Councilmember Maienschein was successful in negotiating a deal whereby Shea agreed to sell the parcel of land (valued at $2.9 million) to the City of San Diego for a substantially reduced price utilizing a City-controlled discretionary community fund. The Scripps Ranch community now plans to begin a 3-4 month planning process to determine the best use of the 4-acre parcel, both for the short-term AND the long-term.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to Councilmember Maienschein and his staff, who have worked hard to resolve these issues on our behalf.

Opposition to One Proposed Middle School Site

As a Registered Landscape Architect, knowledgeable and familiar with pedestrian and vehicular circulation to include neighborhood, community and regional master planning, I am hereby opposing San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) consideration of the Cypress Canyon (Renzulli) property as a proposed location for Scripps Ranch Middle School.

It is my firm position that Cypress Valley residents should not be required to bear the burden of gross negligence on behalf of the City of San Diego Planning Commission and Corky McMillin Companies having previously estimated 1.2 children per household within the community of Scripps Ranch Villages. Second, this proposed location by the SDUSD shall negatively impact several environmental issues in a manner detrimental to this sensitive wetlands habitat to include but not necessarily be limited to:

Environmentally sensitive and historic areas within the Community of Scripps Ranch. On a daily basis at this proposed location a number of owls, rabbits, frogs, ducks, coyotes, quail and deer can either be seen and/or heard. Many of these animals live on or near the Renzulli pond in this riparian habitat.

Remaining open space habitats within the Community of Scripps Ranch. As a homeowner, I enjoy the few remaining open space areas within Scripps Ranch. The visual impact that this proposed school would have in destroying native Flora and Fauna, Coastal Sage Scrub to include existing riparian habitat would greatly diminish the character within the community of Scripps Ranch.

Noise impacts within the Community of Scripps Ranch. Noise impact alone shall negatively affect the surrounding residential neighborhoods. All sound generated from this proposed school site shall be reflected upward within the canyon towards adjacent residential homes.

Traffic impacts within the Community of Scripps Ranch. Vehicular circulation and traffic impacts cannot be mitigated within the constraints of the proposed school site at the Renzulli Property. Existing residential streets were not designed to facilitate anticipated pick-ups and drop-offs.

Finally, I urge you and San Diego City Schools to put aside potential tax revenues anticipated from Intel and move forward with locating Scripps Ranch Middle School within the business park.