Another Reason to Slow Down

My name is Cindy and my husband’s name is John. We have two children, Travis and Allison. We found out on Sept. 12 that Allison, now 12 months old is profoundly deaf. We have had to make a lot of changes in the house to accommodate the new path we have been given. I wanted to say thanks for all the support from our neighbors and the folks at the old Vons who have greeted the news with encouragement for our family. I also want to remind everyone to please drive carefully in the parking lots and on local streets. Allison just learned how to walk and in no time, she will be a full-fledged running toddler. Travis is very cautious around moving cars but I always know that I can “remind” him verbally to stay close to us. I won’t have that luxury with Allison. Any help from our neighbors in the way of driving cautiously would be greatly appreciated. Also, I wanted to thank every one of you who has donated money to Children’s Hospital over the past years. Children’s loaned us a couple of very expensive hearing aids until Allison can be evaluated for a cochlear implant that allows profoundly deaf children to hear. Your donations have helped us tremendously to get the best medical care and therapy for our daughter. We are grateful to the Scripps Ranch family!

“Save Our Country Living”

HELP! I am writing to plead for you to raise your voice in support of SOCiaL – “Save our Country Living”. This lawsuit was brought by Craig Jones (a former city planner and expert on land use and environmental law) against McMillin Homes Rancho Encantada development. I didn’t know Craig but contacted him via his letter to the newsletter to lend my support. It is not that I am against development and have a vendetta against McMillin. It is just that this project will drastically alter our already overcrowded neighborhoods, local neighborhood streets as well as main throughway’s. There is only one way in/out of the development. This is a poorly planned development from a traffic and environmental standpoint. We need to stand up to control the growth.

In addition to traffic our wildlife is suffering. Just the other day we had a mountain lion in our backyard (this isn’t the first time). He enjoys exploring our backyard and jumping on our roof to get to the house next door. We live on top of what was once an open space canyon and now has homes below. These creatures homes are in the hills of where Rancho Encantada is proposed to be built. They are being pushed out of their home and have nowhere to go.As I begin my quest to spread the word regarding this project I have run into many misconceptions. Here is what I know:

1) This development is in addition to the possible 1000 military housing units that are being considered for the approximate area. The Rancho Encantada project is proposed to be a total of about 826 single family homes and 106 multifamily homes.

2) The project was recently approved by city council. The Union Tribune and Brian Maienschein oppose this project.

3) The sole access into/out of this development will be over by the Legacy homes off of Pomerado (east of Pomerado and Spring Canyon). No future access has been planned. 10,000 road trips a day has been estimated.

4) The project is located in the San Diego City limits and Poway School District. An elementary school is proposed to be built in the development as well as possibly a church and a park.

5) McMillin did give $2.2M to fund Mission Trails Park. Parks are for fun and stress free play. What good does it do if you have to fight traffic to get there?

6) The $3M for I15 and $750K on Spring Canyon will do little to help. I have been told that the money needed to improve the freeway alone will be about 20M and in any case CalTrans is prepared to fund it all if Rancho Encantada would not provides its $3M portion. Spring Canyon is already backed up getting on the freeway in the morning and at night. There has not been a solution to improve the already overcrowded two-lane Pomerado Road. What is the option? Widen the road? If they do widen the road will that not impact the true beauty of driving through the “old” ranch with those amazing trees?

I implore you to be SOCiaL! Speak out! It takes a village – our village. Protect your home’s value. Protect your neighborhood streets from speeders. Protect our beautiful community. Give our wildlife a home. Send a message to the developers and the city that money isn’t the only issue. Quality of life is important. Please help us by doing the following:

a. Sign the petition to help us fight this development. www.solutionsinsite. come/social.htm. Follow the link to our petition and sign it.

b. Speak up! Inform your neighbors. Call us for 10 or 20 flyers and distribute them to your neighbors. Distribute flyers to you and your children’s organizations. Ask them to sign our petition.

c. Help us support the lawsuit financially. Craig Jones is committed financially to see this cause through the end. Please help him with his legal/printing costs. Send your donation made payable to Social or Save our Country Living, P.O. Box 720636, San Diego, CA 92172.