Open For Business

I am the owner of the Learning Express in Scripps Ranch. I want Scripps Ranch to know that we are open for business and have signed a new five-year lease. I send this letter to you because of an article that was written by Cathy Kessel of Cathy’s Hallmark in the November SCRA Newsletter.

That article has affected me adversely. Customers, friends, and neighbors have contacted me asking if we were staying open. They have mistaken the plight of Cathy with the status of my store. So I write to tell you that we are here, and with the continued support of Scripps Ranch, we plan to stay here.

We did downsize to make the rent more affordable. We were not forced out. We asked for the downsize, and the landlord agreed. And, yes, as Cathy says in her article, the rent has gone up a great deal. However, we have used our space much more efficiently and have kept our best products and our great customer service intact. With your support in these uncertain economic times, we know we can make this situation work.

We still offer all of our services, including our fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations. I want to thank Dingeman, Ellen Browning Scripps, and Miramar Ranch elementary schools for choosing to hold fundraisers at Learning Express. When you support us by scheduling these fundraisers, we can support you by donating money from the fundraisers, as well as products and gift certificates for ongoing events.

As I look back over the last five years, I realize how much we have benefited from being a member of this community. Just ask my friends, most of whom I met through the store. I have learned so much about running a business and being part of a community. What I want is to continue my business and make it profitable for my family, as well as this community. We hope all of you have a great holiday season.

Eileen Marks, Learning Express Owner