Enjoy the Moment

I don’t know about you, but the start of this school year has been a whirlwind. It may be that my kids just started high school and middle school, and it’s an adjustment. Not for them, of course, for me!

So as we look forward to Thanksgiving later this month, I am truly trying to enjoy the little moments, especially with my kids as they pass through the house on their way to live their already busy lives. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break!

Until then, there’s a lot going on in our community. This month’s big topic is about a potential “big box” store that may be built on Carroll Canyon Road just east of I-15. We have details about the possible project, except what exactly may be built there. Read our Special Report on pages 10–11 to see what’s going on.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Scripps Ranch Planning Group chair Wally Wulfeck. He wrote the Special Report and volunteers so much time to our community. He, the SRPG, and SRCA are staying on top of this project and holding public meetings for you to share your view. So be sure to let your voice be heard.

You may have noticed construction going on at Mira Mesa Boulevard and Hibert Street. It’s a main thoroughfare in and out of our community. Find out what’s going on there that will affect you if you drive in that area, and most of us do. That information is on page 13.

Here’s some moments you don’t want to miss. The Veterans Day Concert returns this year, thanks to Marshall Middle School choir teacher Katherine Girvin. She found a new venue—St. Gregory the Great Church—to allow our students to honor our veterans. It’s on Tuesday, Nov. 5. For more details, check out page 19. Thank you, Katherine, for going above and beyond as a teacher…and always, always putting kids first. You rock!

While on the topic of kids, did you know there are not enough Girl Scout leaders in Scripps Ranch? In fact, there are girls who want to be scouts, but can’t. Can you help? You don’t have to have a child in Scouts. Page 43 has information.

The Scripps Ranch Theatre has a new play opening this month—The Gift Teller —which is great for the holiday season. I love the intimate, yet professional atmosphere of the SRT. See page 61 for all the details on this new production. This is a perfect example of how you can enjoy the moment during the hectic holidays.

This month we have some feature stories to share with you. I hope you enjoy the moment as you sit and read them.

  • Spotlight on Scripps Ranch: Jake Todd, one of my favorite young people in our community, has produced an amazing book that chronicles the history of Scripps Ranch. This incredible undertaking was his Eagle Scout project. Congratulations, Jake, on this achievement. Don’t miss it on page 41.
  • The Voice: Scripps Ranch High School senior Grace Klein takes an irreverent look at who the “popular kids” are at Scripps, and it may not be who you think. Also, find out why she asked us to call her column The Voice. That’s on page 37.
  • Amazing Adventures: A group of Scripps Ranch kids went to Cooperstown to play ball. It’s an experience they won’t ever forget. Talk about enjoying the moment! Check out page 51.

Also in our Sports section, starting on page 53, read about another Scripps Ranch team that made the trip to the baseball mecca. Such exciting moments for our community’s youth!

I know many in our community are generous all year long. During the holidays, there are a couple of chances for you to help families and kids in need have a reason to celebrate. Page 21 has all the details. I guess it’s a chance to let others enjoy the moments, and I bet you get as much out of it as they do!

Happy Thanksgiving, Scripps Ranch!

Gloria Tran, Editor