Home for the Holidays

I think I’m getting more nostalgic—not because I’m getting older since moms don’t age!—because many of my friends have kids who started college this fall. Now that we are in December, they are all looking forward to having their “babies” home for the holidays.

But while most of us are in the holiday mood, we need to tell you about some distressing news in our local parks. As of press time, three parks have been vandalized, and two of them was hit twice! While the Newsletter cover shows the awful graffiti, that wasn’t the worst of it. The plumbing in the bathrooms was destroyed, forcing their closure.

This costs all of us money to repair. Even more disturbing is that police believe neighborhood kids may be to blame. Seriously?! Police advise parents to know where your kids are and residents to keep your eyes out for vandals at our parks. Check out page 13 for details.

Another concern when it comes to our youth is skateboarding on school property. Please read what one elementary school principal has to say on page 37.

The “big box” development is still a hot topic in the community. One active resident has some thoughts on the matter, so check out what he has to say in our Dialogue section on page 19. Then on page 21, get the latest on the topic from the Scripps Ranch Planning Group.

Another issue that may need your input is a potential change to the school calendar. The proposed modifications include moving all schools to the traditional calendar and starting before Labor Day.

Some high school parents are concerned about the school year breaks and their effects on AP testing. Check out page 25 and see the proposed calendar on the SRCA website. The link is in the article.

The phrase “home for the holidays” to me connotes a cozy feeling with a crackling fire in the background, gathered with family and friends watching a fun movie or playing a game. Idealistic? Sure! But living in Scripps Ranch makes it easy to picture this tranquil setting.

What you may not know is how hard Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) volunteers work behind the scenes to ensure our community stays picturesque. Take the big box proposal, for example. The SRCA is leading the way to ensure whatever is built in that location does not affect our quality of life.

Over the years, the SRCA has developed relationships with governmental officials and local agencies. An example is our amazing SRCA Neighborhood Watch chair, Cheryl Shaw. Her emails to police to check out possible residential burglaries get answered within minutes. Then the SRCA passes the information on to you. In fact, officers often email her about crimes because they know we’ll let YOU know! That leads to more awareness and, hopefully, less crime in our area.

Advocating for our community is one of the major missions of the SRCA. Now the SRCA needs you. Keep an eye out for the January Newsletter to find out how YOU could support the SRCA and keep our community so charming.

There are many ways to get in the “home for the holidays” spirit—from fun events to ways to help those in need. A popular tradition on the Ranch is the Holiday Tree Lighting. We light the community Christmas tree, sing carols, drink hot chocolate, and celebrate the season! That’s on Sunday, Dec. 15, starting at 4 pm at Jerabek Park. Don’t forget to bring a toy for the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program! Details are on page 15, as are more ways to mark the holidays!

We want to let you know that Eagle Scout Jake Todd’s Scripps Ranch history book is now on the SRCA website at [www.scrippsranch.org/community/history/scripps-ranch-through-the-years.html].

I can’t wait for the winter break. I want to sleep in and spend time with my family. Hope you enjoy a cozy “home for the holidays” feeling this Christmas!

Gloria Tran, Editor