Who We Are

A new year is a fresh start for many. But it’s not as though all that happened in the past is gone and forgotten. Whether it’s good or bad, it forms who we are. And there is one important issue from 2013 that continues into 2014 and many think it will form who we are as a community.

I’m talking about the project at the intersection of Carroll Canyon Road and Interstate 15. It’s being referred to in the community as the “big box” development, and there are strong opinions.

In fact, a grassroots community organization, Save Our Scripps Ranch or SOS Ranch, is reforming to fight this project. To find out more about both sides of this issue, read our Dialogue section starting on page 11, then form your own opinion.

Crime in Scripps Ranch has been in the news recently. It may seem as though our crime rate is increasing, but in reality it’s not. It’s simply that the SRCA Neighborhood Watch keeps residents aware of crimes that take place. For details on our actual crime rate and tips on how to help keep you and your family safe, check out the article on page 17.

The SRCA is at the heart of who we are as a community. Without this amazing group, I guarantee you, Scripps Ranch would be a very different place. The SRCA kicks off its Membership Drive in February—who wouldn’t want to be a member of a group that protects our Scripps Ranch way of life! If you want to get a head start, go to [] now. And stay turned to hear more about the Membership Drive next month.

Here’s an event you won’t want to miss—Taste of the Ranch. Spend time with friends while enjoying food and drink from various restaurants. It’s a great evening, and it raises funds for Scripps Ranch High School. Get your tickets now—find out how on pages 36–37. All residents are invited, so support our schools. It’s who we are as a community!

One person who supports our schools and represents us on the board of eduction is trustee Kevin Beiser. Kevin was just elected by his fellow trustees to be school board president! After working with Kevin on many projects, I think he is a rare elected official who actually puts kids first. Congratulations, Kevin!

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to enjoy more date nights with your significant other, the perfect opportunity is coming up at the Scripps Ranch Theatre this month. It’s new play, Five Course Love, opens in mid-January. It’s a musical comedy that is sure to entertain! Check out page 57, then make your reservations!

It’s almost time to play ball for Scripps Ranch Little League, and one division is looking for players and “buddies.” The Challenger Division is for boys and girls with physical and developmental disabilities. It’s a terrific way to get these amazing kids on a ball field. Also, “helpers” are needed, which is a great opportunity for teens to help others. Page 53 has details for both players and buddies.

Congratulations go to two Scripps Ranch Soccer Club’s competitive teams who went undefeated this season! What a great achievement for the BU9 and BU14 teams. Turn to page 51, and when you see the boys and coaches out and about, you may want to congratulate them!

Scripps Ranch has many stay-at-home parents who gave up careers to do a very important job—raise their kids. I’m one of them. I know that even though parenthood is the best job in the world, it can be a bit isolating, especially with a baby.

I want to give a shout-out to Candace Chagala. She and her husband, Michael, moved to Scripps Ranch recently. Since the birth of their baby, Candace misses communication with the “outside world.” I remember that feeling clearly! Candace, as tired as I’m sure you are, it’s so great you get to spend this time with your baby. It gets a bit easier and goes by really fast!

As 2014 starts, I wish you precious time with family and friends, and time to give back to others—it’s who we are.

Gloria Tran, Editor