SRCA Works

Doesn’t the beautiful picture on the cover—of Miramar Lake at sunset taken by my friend Rachelle Wissbroecker—remind you of where you can go in our community for a bit of tranquility? It’s just a simple reminder of the amazing quality of life we enjoy here in Scripps Ranch.

Among the factors that make up our unrivaled quality of life are our close-knit neighborhoods, crime fighting group, award-winning schools, and constant communication of important information. What is the common denominator that unites all of this activity? The Scripps Ranch Civic Association or SRCA.

When there is a problem in our community, when there is an issue that affects you, and when there are huge events that help promote community unity, you can be sure the SRCA is behind it all, working to keep Scripps Ranch great.

The SRCA—basically our town council—is a volunteer group that works…for you and our community. You are welcome to give of your time, but what the SRCA really needs is your membership. The more Scripps Ranch residents who join, the stronger the organization.

The SRCA kicks off its 2014 Membership Drive this month. Check out pages 38–39 for more information on why it’s so important for you to join. Then, please do so. You can get on the SRCA website right now at [] and join!

Another way the SRCA works for you is through its standing committees. One of those groups, Scripps Ranch 50 Plus, focuses on the more mature residents in our community. And this month, there is exciting news: ElderHelp is now available to Scripps Ranch seniors. It’s a group that provides affordable services and programs to seniors in their homes. The range of assistance is phenomenal. Check out page 5 for the details on this wonderful new service to our community.

The SRCA also works for you through the SRCA Neighborhood Watch. Not only does this group work closely with police to keep crime out of our community, it also keeps residents informed of what’s going on. On page 15 find out how you or your neighbor’s video surveillance and photos are helping police catch criminals.

Yet another way the SRCA works for you is through the variety of events it hosts. One of those is coming up: Recognition Night, where we honor the volunteers who make our community unique. Look for details next month, but nominate your favorite volunteer now! Send his or her name, a paragraph about what makes him or her special, and your name to [[email protected]].

One event the entire community is invited to is Miramar Ranch Elementary School’s 4th Annual Hawk Classic. It’s the school’s annual charity golf tournament and dinner event on Friday, Mar. 21. If you can help sponsor the event—it helps kids!—or would like to go, email Robert Hasson at [[email protected]] and visit [].

Last month I mentioned the two boys’ soccer teams that went undefeated during the season. Not to be outdone, this month two girls’ All-Star teams each won three tournaments in postseason play. That’s not an easy achievement! Check out their stories on page 51. Way to go, girls!

We have a world-ranked chess player in Scripps Ranch…and he’s only 10 years old! Meet Alex Costello and read about his amazing accomplishments on page 37.

It’s been more than a year since a beloved Scripps Ranch teen passed away. Jantz Grodzicki was not only a star motocross racer but he was also a stellar young man who left a legacy of love. On page 41, his mom writes about what the last year has been like for Jantz’s family and how they recently celebrated his life. Lisa, thank you for sharing your memories of your extraordinary son.

As February marks Valentine’s Day, may I suggest you do a kind deed for someone in memory of Jantz, who spread love wherever he went.

Gloria Tran, Editor