Joys of Spring

One of the joys of spring is enjoying the many parks in our beautiful community. On Sunday, May 18, not only can you spend a fun day at the park but you can watch performances, delight in tasty treats, and so much more. It’s the 15th Annual SRCA Community Fair! This is truly a “don’t miss” event. All the details you need to plan your day are on pages 42 and 43. See you there!

Another “don’t miss” experience is coming up sooner than you think—the 4th of July Parade! While it may be two months away, now is the time to plan how you and your neighbors want to participate. That’s right, join the parade! Check out page 5, then join in the festivities of this incredible annual celebration!

They are some of the most anticipated events of the summer—other than the 4th of July Parade!—the Symphony in the Park concerts. The schedule is out for this year. See page 19 for the dates and bands, then put it on your calendar!

One of the joys of spring may be a bonfire on the beach or in your backyard fire pit. Unfortunately, we are getting reports of bonfires in our fire-prone canyons and hilltops. This is very dangerous. One small ember can lead to disaster, with so many homes surrounding the canyons.

Check out the article on page 17 from our Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council, and please keep your eyes open for any sign of this near your home. Then call 911 if you see it. Also, police have been notified and are increasing patrols in those areas.

While spring is joyful for many people, it brings difficult memories for one Scripps Ranch family. Ten years ago this month, little Enzo Rissolo passed away at the tender age of 16 months old. Since then, his family has literally turned lemons into lemonade in an effort to help other children. Their uplifting story is our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 45.

I don’t know about you, but I love Grace’s Book Nook, the used bookstore in our library. I could browse for hours. Find out how our Book Nook helped provide much-needed books for children on a faraway island. Longtime Scripps Ranch resident George Roos brings us this Amazing Adventure on page 26.

The SRCA gets results! Case in point: we received an email that the only post office in Scripps Ranch, which is privately owned, may shut down. Once the SRCA shared the information, check out what happened on page 5.

Another joy of spring is getting out and taking a walk or run in our neighborhoods and park. What you may not know is that during school hours, some areas of our parks are off limits, as they are reserved for school use only. Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School principal Liz Sloan offers a gentle reminder on page 39. And she shares the specific areas that are used by the school. It’s all for the safety of our children.

Speaking of children’s safety, a safe and easy way to get your child to Marshall Middle School is the MMS Parent-Paid Bus Program. Registration is open now, so sign up! Details are on page 19.

The San Diego Unified School District 2014 Teacher of the Year is from Scripps Ranch! Congratulations to Dingeman Elementary’s Sara Church. Read about this amazing educator on page 35.

This may be a school event, but it’s open to the entire community—Jerabek Elementary’s Ranch Roundup. It’s on Friday, May 30, starting at 4 pm. It’s just another joy of spring!

You may have seen the video online where applicants were interviewed for a job where you work 24/7, get no vacation or sick days, and don’t get paid. The interviewees were stunned and questioned the legality of a position like that.

Well, millions of people hold that job, including me. It’s the title I’m most proud of—Mom! While we may not get paid monetarily, the reimbursement is indescribable. Wishing a joyful Mother’s Day to all Scripps Ranch moms.

Gloria Tran, Editor