Scripps Ranch Celebrates…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I realize that’s the title of a popular Christmas song by Andy Williams, but here in Scripps Ranch, it could be said about the 4th of July Parade and Festivities! It’s the biggest party in our community, and it’s a tradition many of us look forward to all year long.

This year’s theme—Scripps Ranch Celebrates the ’70s—oozes fun! You didn’t have to be alive in the ’70s to dress up and get in the spirit! It all starts at 10 am, then the party continues at Hoyt Park after the parade with food, fun, games, and much more! Check out page 7 for information about this fun-filled day. Also, see the parade route map on page 5.

Scripps Ranch celebrated another milestone recently and marked the 20th anniversary of the Miramar Ranch North neighborhoods. Those who played a role in this area’s excellent community plan got together and reminisced. Turn to page 19 for more details.

We thank the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council (SRFSC) for providing information about being prepared to evacuate in case of a wildfire [June SRCA Newsletter pages 8–9]. After we printed that, we received questions about the Barricade Gel that may help keep your home safe during a fire. On page 15 the SRFSC has more details about the gel. Also, this terrific fire-safety group will hold a special Wildfire Preparedness Forum in August. The date has not yet been set, but we will have more information next month.

Scripps Ranch celebrates a special award given to the SRFSC. The group was presented with the San Diego County Fire Safe Council of the Year Award “for exceptional service to reduce the threat of wildfires and specifically for developing and producing a model community evacuation plan.” Congratulations to everyone who is part of the SRFSC, and thank you for helping keep our community safe!

Here’s really exciting news for the elderly in our community. Now they can get help with errands, rides to doctors’ appointments, and much more at a lower cost. Your Scripps Ranch Civic Association signed an agreement with ElderHelp for the group to expand into Scripps Ranch. Check out page 7 for more.

There is so much news from the world of Scouting this month, and Scripps Ranch celebrates these accomplishments. We have a family with three generations of Eagle Scouts—you may have guessed it’s the Solbergs! Congratulations to the newest one, Garrett, and all of them. Bryon, I am not worthy! See page 43.

In addition, we have young ladies who achieved their Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts. Congratulations to Jessica Cohen and Allison Zohn! Also, one Girl Scout troop spent 12 years together, until the girls graduated from high school. Those stories are on page 51.

Then, Girl Scout Troop 8461 tackled a tough subject for its Bronze Award—gun safety. The topic hit home for them, and they wanted to teach kids how to stay safe. Kudos! Read about that on page 49.

As you may know, I don’t like goodbyes. At the end of the school year, we said farewell to Marshall Middle School head counselor, Ileen Akers. Although I think she’s way too young, she’s retiring. Ileen served our community and our children well. There wasn’t a problem she couldn’t solve, and she did it with compassion and kindness. My kids, and literally thousands of others, were lucky enough to have Ileen as a counselor.

Ileen lives in Scripps Ranch and her own kids went to our community schools. Read more about her on page 31. Ileen, while Scripps Ranch celebrates your retirement, you’ll be greatly missed!

Also, we want to thank and bid adieu to Scripps Ranch High School graduate and The Voice writer Grace Klein. She heads to Stanford in the fall, but she left us with one last column. It’s on page 27 and a definite “must read.” Scripps Ranch celebrates all of our incredible graduates!

Gloria Tran, Editor