A Slice of Life

If you were to take a slice of life—you know, a snapshot of ordinary life—in Scripps Ranch during the summer, here’s what you might see: neighbors gathering outside to chat, toddlers playing in a park, or kids selling lemonade on a street corner. It may sound a bit idealistic, but it’s reality in our wonderful community!

Then again, this is Scripps Ranch where there is always something going on. One big event this month is the Wildfire Preparedness Forum to help all of us be ready for when the next firestorm hits. If you recall, when we presented our Special Report on the 10-year anniversary of the Cedar Fire, all the experts told us it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the next fire hits. And in May we got a stark reminder of that frightening reality.

So let’s all vow to be prepared. This can not only save your family and home but it could also help your neighbors. Please plan to attend this important expo on Saturday, Aug. 23, from 9 am to 3 pm at Marshall Middle School. More information is on pages 38–39. Helping each other is just part of a slice of life in Scripps Ranch.

Another event for the entire community this month is the National Night Out that helps fight crime on Tuesday, Aug. 5. It’s a time to get together with neighbors while letting criminals know that your block is “closed for business”—their business of crime. Check out page 15, then sign up and let your neighbors know.

While there have not been too many home burglaries in our community lately, there have been a couple where the criminals use a specific way to get into the house. And police tell us this is happening more and more around the entire city. Page 15 has more details, including ways to protect your home.

Wasn’t the 4th of July Parade and Festivities a blast?! Yet another slice of life for Scripps Ranch. Everyone is always in a great mood. And why not? We celebrate our amazing country in our unique community! To relive some of the fun—or in case you missed it—check out the highlights and award winners on pages 5–9. Looking forward to next year already!

The new season for the Scripps Ranch Theatre starts in September, but now is the time to get your season tickets. I love how you get a “big theater” feel in a more intimate setting at the SRT. Details are on page 57. Don’t miss out on this entertaining slice of life!

A section you don’t want to miss this month is the Kids Korner starting on page 36. We are so glad to include poems written by graduating 5th graders at Dingeman Elementary School. I was struck by the depth and insight of the kids, who really captured a slice of life in the topics they were writing about, such as friendship.
Way to go, kids!

While I’m sure many of you don’t want to think about school yet, there are important dates you need to know. Check out the Schools section starting on page 25 and be sure to look at the information for your child or children’s school(s). Many of the events happen this month, as the first day of school is Tuesday, Sept. 2.

There are always nuggets in the Newsletter—basically small slices of life—that you may or may not read. Not surprisingly, I recommend you read the entire issue or at least scan through it, since I don’t have space in this editorial to point out all the items that may be of interest to you.

One of those nuggets is a newer group, the Adventure Guides through the YMCA. It open to dads and their sons and daughters, so you could take all the kids on one excursion! More information on the “Scripps Ranch Circles” is on page 57.

Also, on the fourth Saturday of each month, including Saturday, Aug. 30, exchange your incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient ones…free! It’s at our Scripps Ranch Library, and more details are on page 59.

For the rest of the summer, I urge you to enjoy the unique slice of life we have here in our extraordinary community!

Gloria Tran, Editor