This Is Bliss

This is bliss for some parents! What am I talking about? The start of school. For others—usually those with kids starting kindergarten—it could tug at the heart. I remember I cried when I said goodbye to my oldest at kindergarten, who’s now a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High School! For the second one, I kissed him goodbye, waved, and celebrated!

Parents at our schools can rest a bit easier when they drop off their kids at school. Why? Because they will be in safer classrooms due to the installation of air conditioning. During the sweltering days when classes reached more than 100 degrees, kids and teachers got sick, passed out, and suffered other health issues.

Finally, after years of lobbying, Scripps Ranch schools are safer for the kids. Yay! See the article on page 13 for details. This is bliss for the kids and teachers, who can now concentrate on learning instead of trying not to pass out or get sick! I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our school board trustee, Kevin Beiser, for all his work to make this happen.

As we told you previously, there’s a new free after-school tutoring program for kids in grades K–8 at our Scripps Ranch Library. Now there’s a call for volunteers to help. For more details, please see page 53. This is bliss for parents, like me, who can’t help much with math beyond the multiplication tables!

The library will soon be open longer! As of press time, the exact hours had not been determined, but the article on page 51 has a few more details and lets you know how to find out more information.

We all know we are in a drought and must save water. Our Sustainable Scripps Ranch group, a standing committee of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA), has important tips and resources for you on page 9. We thank the folks who run Sustainable Scripps Ranch for always being forward-thinking and not only trying to help us save resources, but money! Now that is bliss!

We are still waiting for the final Environmental Impact Report for the potential “big box” project on Carroll Canyon Road, but the opposition is still strong. In our Dialogue section, which is a place residents can share their opinions, two folks tell us what they have done to show that they are against the project. They also make suggestions about what you can do if you agree with them. That’s on page 17.

You may see construction in parts of our community. A couple of improvement projects are going on: the Nob Hill Pipeline and the Miramar Pump Station. Our planning groups—the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and the Miramar Ranch Planning Committee—are always on top of these types of developments. They have an update on these projects starting on page 18. And here’s a shout out and a thank you to all the folks who volunteer their time on these two committees that are crucial to our community.

We want to extend a special thank you to a scout who was inadvertently left out of our 4th of July wrap-up. Troop 664’s senior patrol leader (SPL), Josh Rosen, was a huge help before and after the parade. As a SPL Josh not only worked hard but also led the younger scouts as they performed their duties. Thanks, Josh!

The Scripps Ranch Theatre starts its 36th season with a mystery-thriller. Postmortem opens Saturday, Sept. 6. For dates and ticket information, see page 51.

Living in Scripps Ranch is bliss, and I know others share that opinion! Twenty years ago our community grew when Miramar Ranch North was welcomed into the family. To celebrate this anniversary, the SRCA will host a 5K Fun Run/Walk in December. Page 19 has a few more details. We want to thank the County of San Diego for its grant that helped make this event a reality.

If you have a picture of your Scripps Ranch slice of heaven, share it. The SRCA is hosting an amateur photo contest. We hope you can capture a slice of life in Scripps Ranch. Thanks to Yanni’s Bar and Grill for sponsoring this fun competition. Check out page 5 for details, then send in your pictures. Prove to us that living in Scripps Ranch is bliss!

Gloria Tran, Editor