New Adventures

As the new year begins, many consider taking on new adventures. Only you know what that means for you, but may I suggest adding the following to your list: find out what the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) is all about. Once you do, we’re confident you’ll support this group.

You will notice that this issue of the SRCA Newsletter focuses on asking you to join the SRCA. Why? Because it is truly the reason Scripps Ranch is one of the best communities in San Diego. Each year, we tell you what the SRCA does for you. I think this year, it’s more clear than ever. So please check out the articles on page 5, then turn to pages 36 and 37 to see how to join this group that is critical to maintaining—and improving—our Scripps Ranch quality of life.

If you joined last year, thank you! And please be sure to renew your annual membership. The activities and initiatives the SRCA takes on each year, frankly, cost money to accomplish. So renew your commitment to your community.

One more note: on the cover are some of the members of the volunteer SRCA Board. They work hard for you, so please support them by sending in your membership funds. And if you see them around the Ranch, please thank them for their time and commitment to your SRCA!

We have a new warning this month about strange occurrences in one neighborhood. Our SRCA Neighborhood Watch shares that information, as well as what you could do to ensure it doesn’t happen to your family. Check out page 13.

For a wonderful new adventure, there’s now a way for you to access the Mission Trails Regional Park…and it’s close to home, at the east end of StoneBridge Parkway. For more information, see the article from our council member, Mark Kersey, on page 13. Thanks, Mark, for supporting this new recreational opportunity in our community.

Anyone who has, or had, a child in high school knows this is definitely a new adventure—for the kids and the parents! In an effort to make the transition easier, Scripps Ranch High School puts on Falcon Night to let incoming students and parents find out about our award-winning high school! It’s on Thursday, Jan. 15, starting at 4 pm. Page 27 has details.

You may know that many San Diego communities have “Taste of (community name)” events. It’s where you sample amazing food from local restaurants, have a glass of wine, and visit with friends and neighbors. Well, our community has its own “Taste of Scripps Ranch” event. It’s become a tradition and is on many people’s “don’t miss” list. While it’s hosted by SRHS, the entire community is invited. Check out page 15.

Great news…the new Do Your Homework @ the Library program is up and running at our beloved Scripps Ranch branch. Details are on page 13.

We send our belated congratulations to former Dingeman Elementary principal Kimie Lochtefeld. She is now an area superintendent with the district! Kimie contributed greatly to our community, and while she will be missed, we’re thrilled for her! Her farewell note is on page 29.

If you read the entire SRCA Newsletter, you will learn nuggets of interesting information about our community. For example, one of our elementary schools is taking part in a wonderful program, thanks to a great community partner, Mission Federal Credit Union.

To those of you who took the SRCA Newsletter survey, we thank you. We are analyzing the feedback, and you may notice some subtle changes in the next few months. If you missed the survey, please know we not only welcome your feedback, we really want it! Just email us at [[email protected]]. Tell us what you like, don’t like—seriously!—and what else you would like to see.

From my family to yours, we wish you a year filled with health, happiness, and many new adventures! Happy New Year!

Gloria Tran, Editor