As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or community members, don’t you want to know that children are safe at school? That if something happened, the priority is always to have people around who could help? That’s just what happened at one of our elementary schools. A young student choked on his sandwich during lunch, and a staff member performed the Heimlich maneuver on him, saving his life.

Reggie White, the hero you see on our cover, is not only a staff member, he’s also a parent and a very active Scripps Ranch volunteer. Thank you, Reggie, for staying calm, thinking quickly, and saving the student. Read more about the incident and our local hero on page 15.

Coyotes live in Scripps Ranch. Pets have been attacked, and, sadly, killed. One of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s (SRCA) priorities is to give you information about issues that affect our community. Check out page 5 for tips on what you can do if you encounter a coyote.

Scripps Ranch 50 Plus is an SRCA standing committee. Its priorities are issues that focus on the growing 50+ population in our community. Alzheimer’s disease is something many are concerned about or dealing with in their families. But is there a way to keep your mind sharp? SR 50 Plus will host an Aging Successfully in Scripps Ranch lecture on “Maximizing Your Brain Health.” Details about this event are on page 7.

The priority of another SRCA standing committee is to help our community “go green.” Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR) not only holds events to keep you informed of the latest in sustainability, the group also provides information to make it easy to do. Check out this month’s events on pages 7 and 9. Also, there are new items you could now recycle in your blue bins. SSR has those details as well.

The SRCA values the incredible volunteer spirit of our residents. Once a year the SRCA hosts Recognition Night to honor those who give so much to this community. Page 5 has details.

As you can see from the items above, the SRCA does so much for our community. And I’ve just scratched the surface of all its activities. We ask you to support Scripps Ranch and make it a priority to join the SRCA. It’s easy! See page 5.

A Brewery Bus Tour! How cool does that sound?! In addition to a fun time, you’ll also help kids at Rady Children’s Hospital. That’s a win-win! The hospital’s Scripps Ranch Auxiliary will host this event. Check out page 49 for the date .

What does a beloved Scripps Ranch teacher and resident do after she retires? Makes it a priority to help children, of course. Former E. B. Scripps Elementary School teacher Lori Hughes and her husband, Don, are on a new mission that focuses on kids in need. Check out our Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 33.

I have received such positive feedback about our Scripps Ranch High School columnist, James Manso. I, too, think he’s a brilliant writer! I’m excited to share the news that he was accepted at New York University. Congratulations, James! This month, he looks at endings and new beginnings and what Monday has to do with all that. Don’t miss his column on page 21.

Moving on to other accomplished students in our community, both Scripps Ranch High and Marshall Middle School are putting on musicals. The entire community is invited to see these budding superstars. Make this a priority! Pages 23 and 25 have the information.

If you read the entire SRCA Newsletter this month, you’ll find out that a Scripps Ranch student is a national chess champ!

As Valentine’s Day nears, thoughts turn to love…and, hopefully, making people feel loved by making kindness a priority. I’d like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the extraordinary Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Gloria Tran, Editor