There’s not a word strong enough to describe how many people felt after hearing about the shooting of resident, friend, and CBS News 8 sports director Kyle Kraska. Shocked, stunned, speechless, but most of all, overwhelming concern for him. Two residents quickly came to his aid—Scott Bartolomei and Bill Feather. Their story is on page 15. We send prayers and good thoughts to Kyle for a speedy recovery.

It’s difficult to transition from that story to anything else. However, there’s more information to share. We’ve launched a digital version of the SRCA Newsletter. Details are on page 5. You’ll still get each issue delivered to your door.

As you may recall, the SRCA Newsletter conducted a survey to find out what you like and how you think we can improve. We want to thank the hundreds of residents who responded, and we want to share highlights of the results.

More than 88% of respondents read the Newsletter every month. People like it for many reasons. One person wrote, “…this is OUR Newsletter.” Other comments: there is “something for everyone, ” and it is “the only print piece that is all SR, all the time.” The most common theme we heard included the sentiments that “…the SRCA brings people closer together,” and “You make this a community.”

News is the most read section, followed closely by the Crime Report. Meanwhile, on the flip side, we heard there may be a bit of overemphasis on kids. While approximately 55% of the community has school-aged children and about 33% of the Newsletter focuses on schools, scouts, and sports, we hear you. We may put some of the “kid-related” articles online and include highlights in the Newsletter, but it’s a work in progress. We ask that you bear with as we find a balance that works for the majority of the community.

While some of you thought there were too many ads, a majority didn’t mind the ads and use them often. If you advertise in the Newsletter you’ll be happy to know that 80% of respondents have used the Classified section within the last year to find a service provider, and 76% have used someone they found in a display ad!

It’s clear by some comments that a portion of the community knows the Newsletter is funded strictly through advertising, but others were not so sure. Please know that NO SRCA MEMBERSHIP FUNDS ARE USED TO PUT TOGETHER THIS PUBLICATION. So we ask two things of you: please support our wonderful advertisers so the SRCA Newsletter can continue to thrive; and please join the SRCA because your membership fees go to help Scripps Ranch maintain its quality of life.

Among the suggestions, we heard that some columns are too repetitive. We have resolved that by ensuring the content is more varied. However, please note, there may be times when some of the columns may include similar information because we want to be sure we highlight information important to the community.

Some of you would like to add Letters to the Editor. If we receive those, we will include such a section. Many said you would like to hear about volunteer opportunities more frequently. We will try to include that section more often. In fact, this month it’s on page 57.

We received many story ideas in the survey. We will work on those, but we have a small staff and welcome any of you to volunteer to submit a story about Scripps Ranch. Email us at [email protected] with your idea. After all, this is YOUR Newsletter!

Other items that may interest you:

  • Free CPR class, page 5
  • Community Garage Sale, page 17
  • New play opens at the SR Theatre, page 51
  • Legally Blonde Jr.! production at Marshall Middle School, page 17
  • SR Farmers Market Grand Reopening, page 17

Don’t forget to change your clocks to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, Mar. 8.

Gloria Tran, Editor