I admit it, I yell, “Slow down,” at speeders who drive on my street—as my neighbors can attest. What you might not know is that there are many young children in my neighborhood, and I don’t want them hurt. Of course, speeding is not exclusive to my block. It’s a problem throughout Scripps Ranch. In fact, it’s the number one issue reported to the Scripps Ranch Civic Association and planning groups.

In this month’s Special Report we look at what can, and can’t, be done about speeding. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy fix. Special thanks to Wally Wulfeck, the Scripps Ranch Planning Group chair, who put together the details on pages 14–15.

On the bright side, there are a lot of new teen drivers in my area. I want to commend them for slowing down through the neighborhood! Many of them grew up here, playing in the streets, so they are aware of the danger. Great job!

The theme this month, “Slow Down,” does not just apply to how fast you drive. It also reflects how many people approach summer, especially the last month before school starts again. So here are some ways to slow down, yet have some fun!

How about enjoying a Symphony in the Park concert? There is one on Sunday, Aug. 9. Details are on page 21.

What about slowing down and enjoying a great barbecue without doing any work or having to clean up?! You can do just that on Tuesdays in August and support the Scripps Ranch High School Falcon football team at the same time! Information about that is on page 23.

In fact, are you ready for some football? I’m not talking about the NFL or the Chargers. I’m talking about the Falcons. On Friday night home games, head to the SRHS stadium and show the team community support. Check out the schedule on page 23—there’s a preseason scrimmage in August—and let’s start a new Scripps Ranch tradition!

If you have never been to a production at the Scripps Ranch Theatre (SRT), this is the season to go. It’s a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the plays—the performances are second to none and the prices are very reasonable. Better yet, become a season ticket holder! Check out our Focus section on pages 34–35 and make your reservations today!

For some quiet down time, grab this Newsletter, a glass of lemonade, and relive—or if you missed it, enjoy—the amazing 4th of July Parade! We have a wrap-up on page 7, including pictures of some of the parade winners and a list of volunteers who made this event happen.

Time for a bit of serious news. It’s not too late to take part in the National Night Out to fight crime. Details are on page 19. Let’s be sure to let criminals know they are not welcome in our community!

You may remember the lockdown at Marshall Middle School. After reviewing what may help in a future event, it was decided to stock each classroom with a backpack of supplies. Eagle Scout candidate Justin Todd is helping the school do that, and you can help too! If you had, have, or will have a child at Marshall, this affects you! See page 43.

You probably know the unique connection this community has with Brian Maienschein. He was our council member for eight years—including during the devastating Cedar Fire when he established the one-stop shop for fire survivors, which is now a nationwide model—and is currently our State Assembly member.

Brian has a great opportunity for high school seniors to intern in his San Diego office. You not only get to work with Brian but with his chief of staff, Lance Witmondt, and his area rep, Rob Knudsen. These guys are a blast! So you’ll learn a lot and have fun! See page 19.

Did you know there’s an observatory in Scripps?! It’s in the Krizak family’s backyard. On page 37 read how Paul built it, with the support of his wife, Lori. And they invite kids’ groups to visit. So as you slow down, stargaze the night away!

Gloria Tran, Editor