Be Present

There is a new apartment development proposed for Scripps Ranch. The cover photo shows the area, the current site of Innovations Academy charter school. As usual, our community planning groups and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association are on top of the situation. So we bring you a three-page report on the proposal, including specifics about the project, a map of the area, and many more details. Check out pages 31–33.

Also, you’ll find the dates and times of community meetings where you can learn even more from the developer and others involved with the project. The best thing you can do is to “be present” at the meetings and find out as much as you can. Special thanks to Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee chair Lorayne Burley for helping put together this report.

We have an update on a potential speed limit increase on a street that includes an elementary school and a park. Check out Scripps Ranch Planning Group chair Wally Wulfeck’s report on page 17 for details.

Speeding in Scripps Ranch is always a hot topic. Maybe drivers will pay more attention to the speed limit and drive more carefully if they hear it from a kid. Kudos to Dingeman Elementary School 5th grader Kaleb Kilpatrick, a Safety Patrol sergeant. On page 27 he lets us know how to drive safely around his school. I’m sure we could use his advice around all of our schools and on all of our streets. Thank you, Kaleb, for helping keep everyone—especially kids—safe.

On to some great events to be present for that will get you in a festive spirit during this season. The Symphony in the Park Holiday Concert is on Sunday, Dec. 6. Page 15 has all the information.

Then, the next weekend is the Holiday Tree Lighting, a longtime Scripps Ranch tradition. Join Santa and your neighbors as we light the community Christmas tree. There will be treats and a sing-along. Thanks to the Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts for organizing this event and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association for co-hosting.

There are many more events and celebrations where you can be present and enjoy the holidays. Check out the various groups throughout the Newsletter and enjoy the season with neighbors and friends.

If you would like a unique holiday gift for that special person who coaches your child, volunteers at your church, or runs that adult sports league, I have an out-of-the-box suggestion. Submit his or her name to be honored at the SRCA Recognition Night! Page 5 has the details.

I want to thank a community member for helping us out with the Newsletter. We needed assistance with an Excel program, put a request on the SRCA Facebook page, and the response was immediate! Many residents stepped up to help. Thank you! We worked with Marcus Hsu, who came up with the program we needed in no time. And on top of it all, he was wonderful to work with. Thank you, Marcus!

As the holiday shopping season reaches its height, I would like to encourage you to patronize our local businesses. I had an interaction at a local store, and it reminded me of how nice it is to have someone really be present and listen to your needs.

Case in point, my son needed a specific item that I thought the Laces Running Company store—in the “new Vons” center—may have. The kind gentleman behind the counter told me that while he had something that would work, I could find what I needed elsewhere for a fraction of the cost! I thanked him profusely.

He didn’t just go for an expensive sale…and his honesty was so refreshing. That’s what you’ll find at our local businesses. Also, they give back to our community in many ways, as you can see throughout the Newsletter. Let’s thank them for their support by giving them our support.

I think one gift you can give that is priceless is simply to “be present” and to give your time and love to family and friends this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Gloria Tran, Editor